So, how big is the fine going to be?

No way they can fine him…

They can (and should, I think) do worse than fine him.

Oooh, man, that’s a long, long time. I will tell you this… After the national anthem fiasco, nobody really wanted to touch me. Then there was the HBO interview with Bryant Gumbel. After that, it was like it killed everything. Because that was after September 11. I could not even get an invitation to go try out with a team. I just laid low, stayed at home, spent more time with my family, trying to do things in the community and see if eventually I could get back into it. At the end, I said… Man, I still have a love for this thing and there’s got to be somebody out there that wants to give me a chance to play. And that’s why I have been overseas and have been ever since.
–Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

Dude that was 1996… NO way in hell the Nfl can fine him… Don’t be an idiot, it’s a free country no way your employer can fine you for exercising your rights in this case.

It has been 12 hours since the story dropped that Colin Kaepernick did not stand during the National Anthem. The NFL has now issued a statement on the matter, keeping things pretty simple.

“Players are encouraged but not required to stand during the playing of the National Anthem.”

The 49ers issued a statement to Pro Football Talk when the story first broke, and they too recognized his right to express himself:

You mean like there’s no way Hope Solo could have her contract terminated for speaking her mind? The NFL did not allow the Cowboys to wear a decal supporting the local police even during preseason. There are more appropriate ways to protest than to disrespect your country, such as this:


I suspect that Kaepernick will lose the QB competition he is presently in and will not be in the league next year.

no fun league.
NFL combine is a slave auction. Chance to see which Big buck you want to work for you.
NFL treats athletes like children, then once you retire…your screwed. Not counting the 1%.

Im sure they will black ball him, like they have done many many players. Especially when your speaking out on a slave…I mean black issue.
Masta…I mean the owners will not like having that. Gotta keep them Docile.

A lot of people are upset at Colin Kaepernick for refusing to stand for the Star-Spangled Banner. I want to know why people can’t express the same passion for all the innocent black lives and people of color we have lost from bad police officers? Most people can learn from Colin, it was a perfect example of peaceful protest and it was very powerful. In this country the 2nd amendment seems to be more protected then the 1st these days…