Justin Gatlin's Stride Length

After looking over some races from last night
I notice Gatlin’s SL is well over 2.56 meters after 65 meters. If you look at his run at last year’s USATF NC’s during his 2nd round, you will see what I am talking about. Does anyone here
have any studies on Gatlin’s stride analysis.

His total 100m stride count was 43.3.
His long stride is similar to C Lewis during his peak days.

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whats gatlins height??? personally i think he overstrides and reaches alot but hey it works superb for him.

I think he’s 6’3.25

I notice some over striding after 60m, I think that’s why he keeps pulling his hammy.

He pulled his hammy last month I believe.

Kenny Mac~~~~~

maybe kenny maybe.he runs very similiar to leroy burrell before 94/95.leroy flicked alot causing problems and his team decided it was time to change and advance,look what happened then great running plus another WR under his belt.

kim collins is truely great to watch

Yea you have a point there!

What was Leroy’s Max in SL at Max velocity.

To tell you the truth I din’t see a change in Leroy in those years as far as his technique.

What did his team change?


Kenny Mac~~

kenny just look at leroy during the 91wc or 92og then look at his WR run in 94(i think).the difference in his techique is great.his leg action is great,his acceleration is great and overall he was performing an identical race to his team-mate carl lewis.the difference is huge

if someone can post a link of leroys WR race in lausanne and also his runs earlier(91/92) to demonstrate what i’m saying

I think I have some footage of those races let me take a look at them.

To me Leroy had a lot of back kick.


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He is listed “everywhere” as six foot one inch.

He is listed “everywhere” as six foot one inch.


I really appreciate it.

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Couldn’t find any of Leroy’s footage from 94 last night, I am baffeled that my file of races is missing. I hope I can find 'em later.

I can’t wait until I review his races and look for the difference.

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kenny trust me the difference in technique and also acceleration pattern is big.if i can remember drummond was on his inside and he continued to power away.

if you can find it could you post it or if THor has it maybe he can help it

A very brief snippet of the race. PM request (with email address) for complete video.


don’t know whether this link may work but it gives an insight to the programme at the UH.

try http://www.nacactfca.org/articles/Burrell.htm

thanks THEONE.my link had it ina powerpoint slide show

I’m a MASSIVE Gatlin fan…Its interesting that you mention the overstriding…His technique works wonders for him…It actually looks like he’s bounding with every stride. Maurice has also changed the way he runs. There’s a big change in the way he ran prior to the injury he had in the Edmonton final. What exactly denotes ‘overstriding’?? These guys look comfortable with the technique and are running amazing times…From looking at endless footage (especially Maurice and Gatlin) I have noticed that when the foot lands it ‘slaps’ the track in a paw type motion.

Did anyone get a chance to analysis Gatlin’s
race from Pre Yet?

How many steps did he take?

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I watched it last night. Looked like he took 43 strides and I think Powell was 45 strides if I remember correctly.