Justin Gatlin

Does anyone know the stride length of justin gatlin and his stride per second?(or other thing like that on him) ??

justin gatlin SR=4.64 and SL=8.54, air time is 0.124 and Ground time 0.092, and his velocity was 39.50m/s. this is data from the 2005 USATF Championships in June in Carson, California.

thx a lot!:smiley:

39.50m/s? What his actual velocity?

I don’t get the SL and velocity figures… :confused:

I have to admit that me neither…velocity…39.5m/s MMMM and…SL…its suppose to be a distance

Wow, 140k/h. Gatlin’s smokin’! Over 3 times as fast as anyone else has ever run … :stuck_out_tongue:

rdchris there’s a problem in your numbers…
0.092 + 0.124 gives 4.63 steps per second. You quote 4.64, the difference is small so OK
4.64 is in accordance with Justin’s usual numbers
8 feet 54 for stride length is 2.57m, that’s OK for Justin.
The combinaison of the 2 gives 11.90m/s (10 segment run in 0.84sec) that’s OK for Justin.
Now, your 39.50km/h (not m/sec) gives 10.97m/s (10m segment run in 0.91sec) which is too slow for him and doesn’t match with your SL and SF numbers anyway.

Could you please check again or give us the source?

It’s feet per second.


Damn Yanks and their archaic systems of measurement, maybe JG should be considered the Olympic 328.08399ft champion … no wonder NASA keep losing probes due to poor conversions.

Feet per second… damn first time i read this! The problem remains because the fastest 10m segment was measured as 0.85sec, and i doubt that with all the headwind, Justin did 0.83.