JUstin Gatlin for Phily??

I am unsure what to believe, I have recently learned that the philidelphia eagles are looking at recruiting justin gatlin to play football as a wide reciever, I know nothing about american football and hear no news, is this gospel or a simple roumer.

I’m sure him being the fastest man in the world (or equal :p) would not give up years of training to go play football when he is at the top of his game now. Thats just stupid.

I definately agree with you, still he would be making a hell of alot more $$$ playing football than track. money can make people do some daring things

Philly was looking at him, but nothing developed beyond that, dont look for Gatlin in a football uniform anytime soon.

maybe Gatlin can be head speed and power coach for football when he retires?

Money…in football the big bucks are for the big stars…a world , olympic champion and wr holder can gather much more money than a 2nd stringer wr…obviously, if he can be a terrel owens its different…

Even though nothing panned out between the talks of Gatlin and the Eagles; it surely doesn’t mean he’d be any good at football.

Because you are a good sprinter doesn’t mean you’ll be good at football. Football is a multi angular sport focused on a huge amount of accels and decels along with cutting and not to forget catching, blocking, visual reaction versus sound reaction…

I’m not saying Gatlin doesn’t have those qualities or could have but nothing he has done to my knowledge has proved so.

Football isn’t all about speed.

Wonder will interest pick up in him now. He seems fairly keen to get back to sprinting I guess - the attorney is saying back in 2 years. Does anyone know if there is any limitation in moving between sports? If he’s DQ’d from running, will the NFL have an agreement of any sort to keep him out of football?

gatlin is fast but is he an athlete, there is a difference, hand eye feel, can he catch the “god damn ball”.


Because you are a good sprinter doesn’t mean you’ll be good at football.

Gatlin used to play football, so it’s not like he doesn’t have skills. He couldn’t be any worse then Jeremy Bloom.