Just Pics - no Video

Just for fun: I found some Austrian sprinting group on the net. Athletics im Austria is really down (exept for S. Graf - 800m), but I hope Lachkovits will at least qualify for Atlanta…if it was for weightlifting he surely would…


Another stocky european sprinter with hips that are to broad… :stuck_out_tongue:
(Good luck to them both though.)

Anyone want to comment on the animated gif on the “galerie”-page?

His PB is 10.26, anyhow. But to me it seems to be too much weightlifting, not enough flexibility. But i’m not an expert…

I heard the guy does 800 kg on the leg press with knees bent to 90 degrees. On the other hand P. Johnson does 700kg 3Reps and is 10kg lighter with same body height…

You’re right - http://members.chello.at/peter.duerer/sprinter/galerie/lachko_TS_slow.gif - makes more sense in the Training/Competition Videos section…

Actually I meant for someone to comment on the execution of the start… :slight_smile:

Here is a link to a page about the “tiefstart”, with pictures.

Here’s the link to the hard-to-find resources page:


Is it possible to view those pages in English?

Yes, i know. The pictures look quite good, but my comment was that in the animated gif the guy looks a little bit too “heavy”. But your start can’t be too lousy if your PB is 10.26…thats what I wanted to say.

I wouldn’t mind my hips to be so broad if I ran 10.26…

I was wondering whatever became of Hanz and Franz. :stuck_out_tongue:

Careful dcw, or Martin and Thomas (aka Hanz and Franz) will wrap their legs around you and “squeeze you like a tube of toothpaste all ova da sink. And believe you me, four out of five dentists would not recommend you fo’ anyting.”

That just does not look right. The Lachkovics guy looks like he’s an olympic lifter! Definitely overweight with relatively high fat content. Anyone have an idea as to how much weight he’s got on that bar?

I heard he does more than 350kg max Rep. Squat…I never understood the use of more power if it does not improve your jumping power - but maybe I’m naive.

looks like a half squat maybe a quarter squat? :slight_smile:

he doesn’t look that fat to me.