Just doing some general fitness since my ankle is out

Well, woke up 5 am this morning, did some light jogging round my yard (grass) for about 10 mins, then some thorough dynamic stretches.

After that did:
2 sets of 20 incline pushups,
1 set of 20 plyometric pushups
1 set of 20 close hand pushups
2 sets of 20 crunches,
2 sets of 30 non-weighted squats,
2 sets of 20 of reverse crunches
2 sets of 20 back extensions
3 sets of 20 leg swings

*2 minute break between each set and five minute break between each type of workout.

Then a thorough warm down.

I see your a fan of push ups, so am i. I use to do 3sets of 100 everyday. But stopped months and months ago. I want to get back to that, though because i like the.

How do you do your plyometric push ups with a clap.

Have you ever done depth push ups, these are dangerous but build ultimate power.

I do roataor cuff exercisors, and am in my last wee of them. BUt i will carry on doing them, throughout the year.

And what did you do to your ankle

Yea I am, I have the school junior record in Physical fitness for pushups. 42 pushups in 30 seconds and 65 pushups in 60 seconds. Neway, I do my plyometric pushups with a clap while rotating gradually till I make 2-3 revolutions.

Tonight, I did a warm up and
2 sets of 40 leg raises
3 sets of 15 pullups
3 sets of 30 leg swings (when u continously swing ur leg like a clock toll, back till its almost paralell with the floor then forward till its parallel with the floor, and swing as explosive as possible )
2 sets of 20 reverse crunches


Did some instep and ankle stretching after, then massaged my ankle/instep with a hot towel