Just Curious

I was curious to know if anybody knew what kind of supplements Maurice Greene used while training.

Like… what, how, when, and the amount he used.


Anybody? Yea yea? Oo oo?

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No idea but only a few things really work anyway so who cares? There are other reasons for mo’s success other than supplements - great focus, mental toughness, John’s training etc…

interesting point regarding only a few supplements that work. what would you claim they were? numerous studies have shown creatine to be effective. i have also read a study supporting the use of cla. what are your thoughts on glutamine, hmb and l-carnitine and fat burners?

Just like to bump this thread regarding CLA. Does anyone have any positive experiences from using it? I read in a book by Anita Bean that studies have shown it decreases body fat and increases strength, but the details of the study(s) weren’t given. In her supplement book she spoke more positively of CLA than thermogenics, where she had safety concerns or l-carnitine, where the findings appeared to be mixed at best. Can anybody add to this? Anecdotal experience is cool too!

It works if you have a good diet already and are using it to get an edge. There are several studies showing it works.

Ok cool, my diet seems like it is a lot more in place now than it has been over the past few months, so I will add that in and see what happens!

TopCat, when you say a good diet can you elaborate a little. In the past I have tried to cut back on my crbs, particularly in the evening, but I feel this may have left me feeling a little flat. Now I am a little more lenient in terms of my carb intake. I always used to have porridge at breakfast, and still do, but at lunch I may have one or two slices of bread, whereas before I was a little stricter, and now with my dinner I may have a small serving of rice and pasta to go with my meat and vegetables. I try to eat the bulk of my fruit before the evening. Is this eating pattern conducive to seeing benefits from CLA supplementation?