Jumping Jacks sucks?

Can someone explain me what are jumping jacks? Link, picture etc. please!
Can you comment this arcitcle from Thomas Kurz???

He is so full of crap his eyes are brown.

My thoughts exactly

my thoughts are that a few jumping jacks will not create “bad motor patterns” but perhaps it’s pattern is not sport specific it will not overload running muscle systems allowing it to be an effective means to tempo circuits for those with limited track time or climate restrictions.

And leaking…

I am beginning to wonder where these people dig up these ideas…

I am currently reading this book, could you expand further please.

I thought about the jumping jacks and it does make sense to me. I think Thomas Kurz has a point here. It may not effect the athlete has much as he states but it is still something to consider. I don’t agree with him in the raising of the blood level of lactate argument.

I don’t think jumping jacks will slow down Asafa if he warms up doing a few. The entire theory of bad motor programs is bs.

Here’s a nice picture of jumping jacks: http://www.kidsregen.org/naturalMoves/1201/images/jumping_jacks.gif

The argument can also be overturned; doing jumping jacks is such a different breed that it might “reboot” a screwed up system - meaning the whole for/against deliberation being infertile.

The worst motor pattern screw ups comes when you try to mimic something at high intensities, but only come close to the original pattern; too close regarding resemblance but too far from equivalence.

If moving the left arm out while moving the left leg out is destructive to motor patterns, then wouldn’t bench pressing screw you up pretty badly too. Moving both arms out at the same time? I’m never gonna bench press again!

even worse…Ben’s Squats prevented the 9.59 performance. Should have lunged Charlie! Too much bs, interesting theory and perhaps we can learn when too much is enough on the thinking. Observe.

Another note- Many gurus fail to have photos or videos of their clients.

I havn’t read Diamond’s research so I can’t comment scientifically but as far as motor learning research is concerned this wouldn’t make that much sense because the pattern is so unsimilar to running or any other motor pattern used in sport that it can’t be confused by the brain with an existing pattern (unlike perhaps shooting hoops on 9"8 foot basket for example).

I guess the question you need to ask is that if jumping jacks create problems what about other daily activities like driving a manual shift car? Playing the drums? Dancing (some forms of dance have movements similar to jumping jacks)?

Firstly, Kurz’s statement that the arm moves forward with the leg is false. I’ve seen a zillion people do jumping jacks and every one does them like the picture in the link.

I had another point, but typing doesn’t replicate any movements in sports and is neurologically taxing, and also sequentializes digital movement which inhibits symmetrical gripping action.

I would like to look into the Diamond research as well. I might be a good study, interpretted by an idiot.

I find that lot of scientific papers are cited as having conclusions that they don’t actually have…

It’s from a book called ‘your body doesn’t lie’ by J diamond. Don’t believe a word of it!!

Tnx jumpman!
Ah, that is jumping jacks… then I agree with you guys here that Kurz s… d…! :slight_smile:
Maybe before doing JJ is better to warm-up using easy running… When I warmup in the gym (general warmup) I do JJ, but somethime my shoulder hurts, so I do JJ from slow and small amplitude to moderate speed, full amptitude for about 50 reps…

I find running on the spot is a very good warm-up for increasing core body temp.

Oh, i though it was from a journal paper. That would explain why i couldn’t find the abstract! :slight_smile:

Sounds like shit to me.

I don’t do jumping jacks, but for a different reason. In Donna Eden’s book “Energy Medicine” she talks about how certain patterns or movements like jumping jacks actually reverses the flow of your meridians from positive to negative, thus weaking your system from the movement. She challenges you to do an energy test before when you are positive flowing and then retest after jumping jacks. Every time your meridians will now be flowing backwards. Instead, she recommends a substitute, where the hands and legs move in the opposite direction at the same time. (legs out and arms in, and vise versa). If you believe in such things, it’s worth switching over. If not, oh well.


But, I guess it would be ignorant to dismiss any theory. Who would have thought long recoveries would be needed for sprint training years ago?