Jump Rope Case Report

Yesterday my head coach (basketball) told me that today he will give me 30mins at beggining of training and he would love to see jump rope training (warmup, coordination etc) involved…

So I planned to warmup my players with jump rope, to do little dynamic strtching, coordination, quickenss etc.

I looked lie this:

Stationary exercises

  • Double leg jumps with jump-in-between (forward, backward, 8s)
  • Double leg jumps (forward, backward, 8s)
  • Single leg jumps
  • Forward-Backward, Left-Right (double leg, single leg, forwar rope, backward rope…)
  • Narrow-wide

In moving (easy)

  • walk (forward, backward, side, crossed, wide)
  • zig-zag jumps (double leg, single leg, forward backward rope)
  • zig-zag side jumps (double leg, single leg, forward backward rope)

Dynamic stretches (movement preparation)

  • Dynamic Shoulder stretch (with rope)
  • OverHead squat
  • Leg Step Over (holding rope in hands while stepping with leg forward and backward, side)
  • B march (Frankenstein)
  • Leg kick backs (balance-airplanes)
  • Lunge, side lunge

Partner/Team Jump rope

  • Jumping rope with partner
  • Two athletes spin 2 connected ropes, while 2-3 are inside

Running Jump Rope

  • butt kick
  • skip
  • power skip
  • side skip

I crossed all ropes on floow to create 6 squares, but I needed 9 for some drills, so basically this sucked… but it is my first time

Then I decided to connect ropes in rope rings and put them on floor for quick leg drills and „stick“ – decceleration drills, but then I noticed that all ropes have handles… So, this sucked too… We did some zig-zag jumps with „stick“ and then run for 10m. I noticed that this sucks and that I have spend predefined time, so to prepare them for main part they did sprint – defencive slide drill, forward and backward. Then the head coach started main part consisting of various enterance drills under the basket etc…

What is the purpose of this article? To show that it is hard to do every training task with just a jump ropes!!! I tryed to please the head coach and to do everything with a jump rope… Can be done, but only if planned accordingly and all of players have no-handle ropes! Some of players said to me that the number of jumps they did was too much because they just started training on concrete (floor).

I plan the same training tommorow, but I will do ordinary warm-up and then include some jump-rope for coordination (not endurance like it seems I did today) …

Anyone had simmilar situation?

BTW, players and head coach love to include static passive stretches, but after a good dynamic warm-up and just prior main part!!! I had troubles convincing them that they don’t need statical stretches at all (if the warm-up is optimal), and if they actually do them, they should put them way before main part and allow some dynamic work in-between!