Josh Ross, stawell gift victory

does anyone have footage of josh ross winning the stawell gift off scratch from a few days ago???

I saw it on TV, was cool :slight_smile:

he won it thanks to his Speed Endurance in the last 10 metres :wink:

It was tres cool. I couldn’t believe my eyes…


I was there and I beg to disagree that he won thanks to his SE.

In my opinion he won due to a fantastic reaction time enormous acceleration AND superior SE.

All the elements so well covered in Charlies short to long approach to sprinting.

well just watching it on TV, he was still quite a bit behind, towards the end, then all of a sudden he just caught up and overtook the field

If the others held up he would not have made up the gap all of a sudden at the end

You are correct that he made large gains at the finish, however his max velocity was way above the other runners and it was apparent to the crowd that he was going to"get them" at about the 90m mark when they stood up and roared their support. As he was coming from behind ,I think all the other runners tigthened and ran below their semi final times and this highlighted his finish.

Our discussion aside ,it would be great if a tape of his run can be shown on the site as I believe that he has the technique and ability to achieve great things.