Jones jumping 6.75

This was her fourth and last jump.

Beautiful runup, better than average takeoff, horrible landing. I know she’s out of jumping practice, but it looked like she was afraid to just let it happen and land aggressively. This is why Carl never broke 30ft, he was uncomfortable with just letting the skill takeover.

Landing - ordinary as it comes. tries to fall to the side, but pushes the feet down instead of just letting gravity take her down. Doesnt fall on the knees as much as she used to, but the landing still looks really awkward

Carl DID break 30 feet! The official on the board mase a bad call and screwed it up!

Another long jumper “landing” in sprinters area.
Let´s see how he´ll perform.

Yeah, I know about that, but there was a discussion about Carl where Tom was trying to get him to open it up in the air and the runway and Carl refused saying that he didn’t like being out of control because it scared him. Not sure of the meet, but he aborted a jump in mid air because of this and still went mid 27s.