Jones in Birmingham

Two clips of Jones from Birmingham. I had to remove the ones of Gardener to get enough space. Not the best quality though.

Is she limping slightly with her left leg? It’s a bit hard to tell on this film and from the angle. This apears to be affecting the whole early acceleration phase.

I watched the race on tv and from the front view her whole body was twisted to the left and her lower right leg was swinging out to the side, looked like she was trying to hard and kinda ‘tightened up’ but with the result of twisting her body. She looked better on the runway in the long jump, although she was certainly at a much lower speed.

Here’s a clip that gives a better view:

It appeared more pronounced on this clip. Note the cadence and rythem difference between the right leg (left side in the film) and the left.

Charlie, she did this in the Millrose Games 60m as well, is it due to an injury?

Great run by Gaevert, would have been sub 7.10 if she hadn’t tried to lean too early (loses form at least 5m. before the line).

Not Charlie here, but Marion has always run all discombobulated. She ran better technically as a 15 year old. IMHO,if someone (too bad our fearless leader got so much flack) taught her how the body is supposed to move, she’d break every record from 400m down. Marion’s arm swing is the most uncomfortable thing to watch in the sport and it is a direct cause of her poor leg mechanics. Watch the frontal video and see how her arms tend to flail away from her body when they go behind her. This causes her to work to keep herself in line and takes away from any core strength she has. It also makes her legs do all that hitching, etc, where one seems to run and the other looks like a trail leg from Angelo Taylor. The saddest thing about all this is her true talent will never surface unless she devotes herself 100% to learning how to move correctly. This would take at least a year and I doubt she’ll be around much after Athens.

Could be something to do with the ‘flicking out’ of her right leg from the knee down…

It´s like 2 different halfs trying to run together…
The girl at right side ( left on the video ) is Z. Block ?
What´s the name of winner ?

The winner was Kin Gavaert

Here some clips from Marion’s past for comparison:

Sydney 2000 SemiFinal:

Seville 1999 Long Jump:

Any comments? Is she better or worse?

Her head is down much longer in that clip (99). Maybe, because it’s a 100m and not a 60m. Should the race model change?

Definitely. Also, on the side on clip look at the imbalance in shoulder rotation. The left shoulder doesn’t come forward at all. Maybe something in the lower back/hips? She looks very jammed up.

The right leg has always had the swing out issue, but it seems to be under control when she gets good therapy.

You can be the best coach in the world, but if your athlete isn’t getting the right therapy you can do nothing with technique.

Thinking a bit more about this. The long jump training must be giving her a pounding.

No 2: My film doesn’t work any more. Is it just me?

Sorry Dr. Evil… I had to switch the files to another site because of some server problems. They work fine now.

Especially when she has that same jarring landing. She wasn’t taught a proper leg shoot and slide through technique on landing. Rather, she lands with her feet and tumbles right over her knees, rather than letting the heels dig in at landing and allowing the hips to pass through on one side.

Here, it is, check out the shoulder rotation imbalance right v left.

Her first two attempts, when she had a very controlled run-up, where better in that respect. Here’s a clip showing her first attempt: