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What type of flooring is that?
Hurdles are short enough, there is still some tightness in your hips, perhaps also in your groin.
If you have a 2 or 3kg medball, them hard ones, use that ball as part of ur foam rolling around your hips. It works amazing. There are so many muscles around the hips, the flat foam tube only does so many.

The floor is concrete with a rubbery section then a strip of old track, that is our clubrooms not my garage :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t have one of those med balls as mine is soft but do have some other stuff I can use. Was commented on having my massage last night how looser I am now than previously so starting to pay off. Also felt doing tempo how much higher my hips are now.

Glad to see you improving and enjoying it all more! :cool:

Thanks, being injury free makes a HUGE difference. :smiley:

Also appropriate that I recognise the valuable contribution of RJ24. Earlier this year when I was really frustrated due to my performance retrenching even further, being injured with niggles for 5 or so months and other crap he challenged me to dramatically change things. Without that impetus I don’t expect I would be where I currently am. :cool:

Top speed from today


Arms too much back need to come straight down and up a bit higher that should help reduce excessive rear side action which is there.

Left foot turned out

The last rep was a 50m and I felt I tried too hard and forced it. Others were ok.

Good Footage John.
Agree with what you say on there.
Left foot is out, and not as high knee action as the right, but Miles better than what footage we have seen before. Again, look to the hip flexor and possibly opposite Groin.
Arm action, on top of what CF said about practicing it infront of a mirror, try also doing it whilst on a miniTramp - it may help. Not for Instability, but for feeling your arms working harder.

Did you also notice your Hip height? It’s there = awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks Bold yes things are starting to come together at last. Deciding to cut short a terrible season and the massive programme changes this winter (cross training, upper and and lower split rather than full body workouts, no SE past 150m and lower volume workouts) were the right call.

Will be interesting to see in say December when the regular massages have been in place a while and I’ve had some races under my belt.

Re the groin, while not an issue presently the right side was a bit tweaky at times over winter. Have got used to new foam roller enough now to be able to work hip flexors with it.

Re hip height yes it is is [b]much /B] better and actually the most I noticed it was last Mondays tempo session.


Looking good John :slight_smile:
What are the first skips called? Are those the “skip bounds” on the template?

My RRLL’s look more ‘dangerous’… I’ll tape this weekend and have some ‘expert’ tell me if I’m destroying my legs :o
Your alternate leg bounds look fluid…

I would like feedback on the double leg hops, as I’ve never seen them demonstrated the way you do them (I’ve seen then more done ‘on one spot’, with emphasis of toes-up, or in the style of depth-jumping, with little ground contact time).

Thanks for posting!!!

As I said elsewhere, I wouldn’t take what I do as necessarily correct.

Yeah skip bounds.

I look forward to viewing the ‘dangerous’ LLRR :stuck_out_tongue:

Beautiful scenery! :slight_smile:

hahahhahaha which is like saying someone has a nice personality when they are butt ugly…CLASSIC! :smiley:

No, sorry, I was serious! I like the surroundings! And I see nothing wrong with the drills either!

Don’t worry I knew you were, its my awake at 4.30am posting at 5.45am humour. :stuck_out_tongue: Nationals are here next year.

hahhahaha John, this comment was hilarious !!!

On the 2nd skips - i would focus on more front side mechanics - ie, higher knee drive ect. And it’s a good time to focus on the arm mechanics too. They open up too much behind you again…
Perhaps also focus on being “taller” - which should lead to more hip height, foot landing under COG that type of thing.
Otherwise, looks good.

Any particular advice on rolling?
Just roll out every muscle in the hips 2x or 3x a week?

Sorry for bumping an old thread, but thats some sweet running John. Moving really well!

Yep - or even 5min per day on legs or back with one 1hr roll on a weekly basis.

Just keep it slow and wait till the pain or the hard lump goes away.

Most youtube clips go way too fast. On some esp tight muscles i used to wait up to 5min on the same spot, then the muscle just relaxed instantly…

Once rolled, give that muscle a good stretch or ICE if its still sore.

double post

Thanks Bold!
Any particular muscles? Im sure im tight all over.
I really struggle with getting my ankle over support knee :frowning:

I took some videos yesterday, but they’re almost too embarressing to post :frowning: