Joe's Results

100m : 10.78 hand (Apr.2004)
(dq’ed at state trials - May 2004)

200m: 21.90fat
(May’04 state trials *state record - Hawaii)

400m: 49.63fat (May’04 state finals)

Hallelujah we’re still in it after 8weeks since ham inj.

conference meet:
open 400m - 52.49h - on dirt track; swirling wind. got 1st.
q’d for state meet! (53h)

Our plan was just to log a time between 52 and 55sec.
He was in lane 2 and went a little fast overall (seeing the stagger); accelerated out to 17.5m and held it. Last 80m was a bit of lactic attack in the glutes; real sore for 10 min. after but is fine . Ham is fine. We iced and called it a night.

next week; 200m?

Oh man we’re back; thanks CF.

friday: 4/15
qualifying meet;
Joe was to just log a time to q for conference; we figured a 23-24sec. just to be safe for his hamstring.
He went fast the first 150m; clocked 22.78h on dirt, against a strong wind the last 100m. 2nd lane.
q’d for states!

yeehah! are we having fun yet?

Great work Joe! Great work coach!

thanks KK,
I might as well explain, for Joes’s ham rehab, and just to post a time to get into conference, Joe was to have a short accel, 22m, and then hold the pace; he disregarded directions and blasted the corner; he slowed down the last 50 because he felt a slight pain in ham; pain went away right after the race though; he had 3 session of ART this week too.

Just hope he doesn’t get over-confident. Just because you can’t feel the injury (pain) doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t still vulnerability. Hasten slowly Joe

friday; 4/22
KIF relays
Joe ran 400 in sprint medley relay.
52.30 h on dirt, (split timed from middle of passing zone)
3 teams even on pass; good smooth run, no competition; grabbed inside lane on first turn; opened big lead (50m); some tightness in ham on back stretch; no pain.

conference championships; 4/29

open 400 1st.
52.25h on dirt
open 200 1st

was so dizzy and nauseous during 30min recovery btween races, could hardly walk to start of 200. He got his legs back enough to beat fresher runners, but he had to go all out, all the way.
no ham problems; just throwing up in center field after 200.

it was a rough night for me too, … but relieved now.

2 weeks to states… oh that 400/200 double with 30min. rec. is a bitch!

5/15 Sunday

just got back from Honolulu!
Lots to tell:
first, we decided to scratch the 400 as Joe’s leg hurt for 4 days after local finals here at home where he won the double, and with intensity of state meet competition (3 guys running sub 50’s), and a 22sec 200 guy, and of course the 20-30 min recovery, well I just couldnt sleep well the last few nights before the meet…
It looked like more favorable odds to defend his 200meter record and title if he scratched the 400.
grade 2 ham inj. in-season is a bitch, and all the would-of, could-of, what-ifs, over and dealing with what is in the present, we solo-ed the 200.
good thing too… he sailed through the trial heat with good form for the most part, and although he scraped his back foot at the start (second step, leaving a scuff mark on the track, (we got shorter 1/8" spikes for the final), and even mis-stepped last 50m tightening ham, he got fastest trial seeding; 22.04 electronic.
-stage set for 200m showdown with touted 100m winner in finals:
Joe got a good start from lane 4, and led at the turn; he increased the lead in ragged form, as his leg was sore the last 60m, and he was feeling the pressure (mental - he isnt a jedi yet -relax and it will come), finishing 21.91e a good meter in lead.
-thanx to CF for his rehab routines (private consult)
-I figure it was the wise thing to do; scratch the 400, since he was struggling last 60m in 200; cant imagine what would have happened if he did the double.

Impressive… Congrats, that’s amazing. 21.91 coming off of a grade-2 ham. injury is something else… I hope he continues on w/ track… Great job.

clapclapclap Yaahy! All my base are belong to Joe!

Great job and great follow-through. now some R and R and get fit for the future.

Congrats to Joe

Congratulations! Both of you can be proud! I am pleased that you have decided to withdraw Joe from the 400m - it could be a disastrous move to run both.

I have exactly the same feeling -

"grade 2 ham inj. in-season is a bitch, and all the would-of, could-of, what-ifs, over and dealing with what is in the present … "

It is SO frustrating to stand at the track, watching your athlete struggling - in comparison with the top form that he had 3 months ago. On the other hand, if one concentrate on the improvement every day, it is possible to stay positive.

Whether we will be able to “hit the jackpot” - qualifying for World Champs in Finland, I can’t tell at this stage. But … no doubt … I will try up to the last minute!!! And I will be VERY pleased - even if my athlete is selected ONLY for the 4 x 400!!

Congrats!!! That is an awesome result!


sat 7/2
usatf trials; hawaii
qualifying time 42.01

Joe’s team time: 42.2
20mph headwind against home stretch.
no decent competititon;
one of the team lives on another island, so not too good cohesion.
-flew over at 6am - race at 9:30 am
we have 2 weeks to come back and get 42 or better.

team prs: 11.05, 11.1, 10.95, 10.95

lookin good… how’d the exchanges look? Sub 42 will be no sweat.

That’s a sweet relay. You guys can get your stuff together, and be able to stomp all over everyone.

I couldnt go but the coach said that the guy from honolulu (first leg) isnt used to handing off to fast guys so he has a timing prob…initialy dq’d for late pass, but field judge overuled; theygot it by a hair.
the three from here can practice together so we will cotinue to focus on passing and getting race simulated speed work in.

late update;

We didnt get to Indi. Jr. Olympics.
4x100 q time was 42sec.
we stayed at 42.20.

Anyway, thats it for my coaching a sprinter for now…
Cortese, we’ll see you at the NOr Cal JC conference meet!

If Joe does well, I’ll be there.