joe defranco

do you anyone has defrancos combine dvd, is it any good??

It’s very athlete friendly. Not much for a coach, but helpful for testing purposes (stretching the truth in favor of the athlete).

I have it. Lots of little tips and tricks for the athlete. Not sure that I agree with all of them while some others are rather obvious. But if you are serious about improving your combine scores, it is probably worthwhile.

Yep, I have it too. Pretty cool hints for every test at football combines.

Off topic, but Anyone have the New Strength DVD DeFranco just came out with? I am looking into possibly purchasing it within the next few weeks.

Both videos are up there with the best I have seen. He, like Kelly Baggett simplifies everything into something everyone can understand. His new video is a great insight into what goes on at his facility. I can’t say the form on all the max effort exercises are texbook but after all they are in fact true max efforts taped on the spot, not a lift done with 4 different takes to make it look pretty.

did the dvd help you with your tests results, bc i know defranco teach athletes to get the front foot close to the line and if i recall correctly you said that the bunch start didnt help you at all?

I agree with most of your critique Quik and I know the max lifts were “taped on the spot” as you put it, but the form on some was atrocious! I believe even on some sets that were performed for multiple reps! I’ll have to re-review to make sure on that though. I think the DVD has some good info. but had to make that point.

Agreed. I was kind of suprised that he put some of those examples in the video. Still great video nonetheless.

I picked up some good little hints that helped, ie vert jump technique, didn’t know about static stretching the hip flexors, etc… This was almost 2 1/2 years ago keep in mind when I bought the combine tape.

After I watched his tape I did really try to practice the bunch technique he showed on the tape but it didn’t work much for me.

any chance somebody can get me the defranco dvds to germany?

if i order from or i will pay $20 shipping which is ridicolous.

so i was wondering if anybody knows how to get the combine dvd and the new one “super strenght” for a lil cheaper?



America to Germany for $20…I don’t think it’ll get any cheaper then that! If you want it then order it :slight_smile:

Anyone who wants to pirate videos will also want to rip off our stuff. So far I’m not impressed.

if you want cheaper options, maybe try ebay…some…unsatisfied customer…

it is not about ripping anybody off!! but this is 2007, even in america, so charging $45 for a DVD is one thing (which i would be willing to pay), BUT taking another $20-30 for shiping (depending where u order from) is plain ridicolous.

i have been sending stuff to friends and family in the states for close to 10 years now, and nobody can possibly believe a package the size of a DVD is that expensive.

i am sorry, but cant nobody blame me for looking for cheaper ways.


i dont know where u live, but for $20 bucks i send my car to the moon and back… GET REAL

the fact is elitefts uses express couriers I think, because in past years many packages where missing or took 3 months to be received .
I’d suggest the same here…it took me 3 months to get my Vancouvers…

It is PRECISELY the rip-off attitude on the Net that makes a signature based delivery system necessary. Even when some people sign, they still try to claim they didn’t get it till confronted with the proof - that’s why providers demand a signature.
If the rip off artists would desist, the products could simply be mailed out for a fraction of the cost.