Jingle Jangle test

Ok, for those of you who don’t know what these are, they are an 80 yard shuttle run, with a 10 second break. My coach wants Linemen to run these in 15 seconds, while backs and recievers are to perform these in 12 seconds. All in all, the coach wants us to perform 10 of these. Now, I’m wondering if these are actually possible. I am a 280 lb athlete, and I run about a 4.7 second 40. Here is my thinking, I can not run a shuttle run at top speed, because I’ll run right past the cone. Nextly, at my size it takes my at least 10 yards to decelerate. Then I have to stop fully, turn around and run back. I’m just wondering, if anyone has any opinions on this?

Stupid test. How many football plays last 15 seconds?

However, it would be a good idea for you to work on your deceleration. This will improve your agility, body control and overall effectiveness on a football field. But the way to do this is not under conditions of extreme fatigue.

How many sprints last 20 minutes yet we do tempo at least that long? 10 yards to decelerate? Better learn how to stop on a dime even for a lineman. I just worked with a guy who made a NFL team from a pathetic school. You must pass tests made by conditioning coaches.

I love the tests similar to that (I don’t get the one you posted)you can tell who just lifted and sprinted, and who ran some runs for general fitness.

Hey Willie, next time don’t spend so much time jet setting to parties in San Diego before camp,and your back will be far better off!