Jimmay's Training Journal

Hey guys this journal is going to take you through all aspects of my training for track. Thanks to the help of everyone from this site i have made a program. I am going to train for the 400. I will begin by telling you a little bit about myself. This is going to be my first year of doing winter track and spring track. The events that i am going to run are the 400 in the winter and the 800 in the spring. My time for the 400 is around 60 seconds or so currently, but i didnt know how to pace then; though unsure of my 800 time, but my mile time is around 5:40. I’m 5’10 and 150lbs. My main goal is to bring my times as low as possible, but I am not going to have any set time goals because I feel that having set goals can sometimes set you back a little by starting to fast. During the winter I am going to be working on my speed mainly then my endurance during the spring or have to work on endurance when it’s snowing out and I’m forced to use a treadmill. I am just coming out of soccer season and soccer is a big reason why I am going to be running track.

This week I am currently on a rest week so I’m only going to go out and jog 2 days only 2 miles for each run, during the week just to keep myself from atrophying at a rate too fast that my body is not used too because I have been training for about a year straight.

Rest week is from Nov. 9- Nov. 16

I will show you what my plan is going to look like for the first month or so. Just give me some feedback guys on my program.

Warm Up- jog 800 meters slow then stretch for 5-10 minutes

Drills- done only on the speed days
Light skip
High knees
Butt kicks
Power skip- skip high each third step

Meso 1
Monday – Drills/Acc. Dev (200 m total going up to 30 y)
Tuesday - Ext. Tempo (3,000 m)
Wednesday – Drills/Split Runs (2 sets of 200+200+100 with 5 minutes rest and 15 minutes between sets.)
Thursday - Ext. Tempo (3,000 m)
Friday – Intensive tempo
Saturday - Strength Endurance (Running A’s followed by Ext. Tempo reps of 400-1000m) (3,000 m)

Acc dev.
3 10 yard accels standing, lying, back (1 min recovery)
2 flying 20’s (2 mins recovery)
1 20 yards lying face down starts (3 mins recovery)
1 20 yard run prone
1 flying 30’s (4 mins recovery)
1 30 yards on you’re back starts (4 mins recovery)
1 30 yard on stomach start (3 minutes recovery)

Jogged 2.2 miles in about 15:30

It felt pretty easy this is my rest week so i didn’t want to really go fast. I’m looking at 1 more day of endurance in my rest week and then after that I will start my speed work.

Did an acceleration day; was pretty easy. I had fun but the only thing I notice I do is tense up my arms a little bit for some reason I don’t know why. Here’s the workout that i did.

3 10 yard accels standing, lying, back (1 min recovery)
3 20 yard accels standing, lying, back (2 min recovery)
3 30 yard accels standing, lying, back (3 min recovery)

Then i did 3x30 crunches.

Did extensive tempo today on a soccer field with cleats. I did 10x100 and 5x200 with 30’’ between 100s and 45’’ between 200. It was pretty easy started cramping a little because I ate before I did the workout. My times were in 16-18 range maybe a little too fast. Next time I’m going to try it in 18 range the whole time and 38 range for 200’s. Next up is split runs tomorrow.

Took the day off had too much to do and was a little sore.

Did an intensive tempo workout which consisted of 8x200 @30-35 seconds and 90 seconds rest. It was pretty hard, but im going to have to put in the grunt work early on to attain my goals. Other than that it wasn’t too bad.

Did 2,000m of extensive tempo, did it real slow because I was still sore. Tomorrow will be a rest day and microstretching. I’m surprised my hips and upper legs are sore because normally I don’t exert enough force to get that sore or just my pns and cns aren’t ready for it.

Did a speed day. It was pretty easy and i felt real good during the accelerations and my form also looked good. Next workout extensive tempo.

Hi Jimmay, it´s me, from other post…
i´ve reading you´re routine and i remembered something that happens last week.
I meet a 400/800m athlete from San Paulo (Brazil) track where i train,
and we talked a lot about sprinting and runing.
He invite me to do his train session for that day,
so, i accepted.
It was 4 sets of 5x100m, times for reps between 12 and 13s with 1m rest between reps and 5 minutes between sets ?!???!??!?!?!?!?!
Man, it was hard, i did only 2 sets of 5x100m but even hard.
It was a monday.
I don´t know the purpose but he said that train it´s only now, in “offseason”, when he is “competition phase” that sessions change to 2 sets of 5x100m but a little bit more intensive.
His height is about 5’10 and weight about 140pounds
his time is 1m49.79 to 800m and 47.04 to 400m.

That’s pretty good man considering that your best 100 is about 12 seconds. You will be able to do that in the next few months of your training more than likely because you would have dropped your 100 time and increased your conditioning.

All right Jimmay, i applied your suggestions
I liked the new configuration of my workouts
Monday: Speed Work
Tuesday: Extensive Tempo ( how much distance, times, rests ? )
Wednesday: Start Train
Thursday:Extensive Tempo
Friday: Intensive Tempo

Saturday: Weights

Only more one doubt:
As i´ll do weights on saturdays,
what is the better;
Intensive Tempo day just before weights day
or change the Intensive to Thursdays just after Start Train ?

That way would also work, but i dont think you would have enough rest between the start work and the intensive tempo work. You could really arrange it any way you would like, but it might not be the most adventageous. So I would just do it with the easy tempo on Thursday and after the intensive tempo day it would be better to wait a few hours to do the weights, but im not even sure if its necessary that day because intensive tempo does tear down the muscles. For tempo i would do 2,000m with reps 100-200m the intensity you should use would be around 65% and about 45 seconds rest in between the 100’s and same in between the 200’s and when you get in better shape we can change it around.

Tks Again Jimmay
and sorry,
i replied in wrong topic.
I´ll reply on the correct topic ok ?