Jewellery While Sprinting/Competing

Hey guys, this thread is to dicuss, or tell people, the kind of jewellery you wear training, or competing. whether its a silver necklace, gold bracelet or a plastic anklet, tell us what you wear. and also, add if it has any special meaning behind it such as it was your grandmothers, or you won it, or someone close gave it to you…

the reason i am asking is because in pretty much every 100/200m race, more than half of the sprinters are wearing some sort of jewellery.

i myself use to wear a gold necklace, no significant meaning behind it, just bought it. however, i dont wear it anymore. i am waiting for someone to give me a piece of jewellery so it has some meaning behind it when i run. so when i run, i will be running for that person. sounds weird i know, but thats how i feel

lol. i wear my gold chain, earrings, and cant forget my gold teeth. lol

I wear a gold chain with a cross on it and on occasion if i’m feeling good, usually in the 4x1 or 55m I will wear SPARQ bands, you know like those lance armstrong things, well these are neon green ones i wear half way between my hand and elbow, quite funny looking, but thats the kinda guy i am.

I remember watching Michael Johnson’s 19.33 being re-shown one evening and an guy beside me remarking

“… and just imagine how much faster he could have run without that big chain swinging round his neck”

I had to laugh.

The only jewelery I wear is my wedding ring.

The jewelery you want is what they hang around your neck on the podium if it went well!