Jet Lag

I wonder how North American athletes deal with jet lag when they go to meets in Europe, or even worse in Asia. Do they have to arrive a week earlier than everyone else if the meet is important enough?

Melatonin, Water, Creatine and Viagra

how does viagra work here???

You’ll still be bloated- but you won’t mind!

More aerodynamic I guess

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how does viagra work here???

Well in this case, you’re looking for a Hindenberg, not an F104

Seriously though, coenzyme B12 is good for jet-lag but you need several days of 6 x 1mg per day before and the day of the flight.

i don’t know how leroy burrell did it but in 1995 he literally stepped off a plane from houston and ran 9.85 in lausanne.

So is it like altitude, where you have to do it in the first 24 hours or you have to wait 1-2 weeks (2 weeks for altitude) to get adjusted?

you need to watch out for day three going to western Europe from NA. If you go far over, like Moscow, you’d want 4 days at least.

What about the other way around, going somewhere west, like from Dubai to Western Europe?

Thanks for the replies btw.

I was being serious.
I forget the mechanism now, but the key component in Viagra (sidefinal (sp)) has been show in an Argentinian study to speed recovery from jeg lag.

It’s tricky to explain at customs though.