Jet lag

I have an athlete going to Paris very soon, from Australia. I think that equates to about a -7hr time zone difference of the top of my head.

He will have 6 days before serious comp starts upon arriving.

What methods have people found most effective in reducing the impact a 15hr flight, and losing -7hrs has on performance?

Look forward to you all sharing your experiences.

I dunno. Just a stab “melatonin”? How and could this help and or be used?

I’m an athlete that works in the airline industry, so am constantly suffering from jet lag in some form or level.
*Loads of water!!! Before, during and after.
*Can buy some Melatonin to take once they arrive for a few days to equalise/regulate bodyclock.
*Wear/buy some compression tights during and after the flight. Trust me, they do work.
*Annoy the crap out of the Flight Attendants by sacrificing some sleep en route by getting up, walking around, stretching, massaging legs, arms, neck and lower back during the flight. The sleep you get on board is usually rubbish anyway…

Let me know if you have any other queries that I might be able to help you with.

Also, you might try to synch his sleep times to that which he would experience at his destination. Have him set his watch and clocks to paris time 2-4 days before he even leaves if it’s possible. Buy black plastic bags to put over his windows so he can better go with the time difference. Make sure he gets sun exposure on the days prior as it is essential to hormone production, Vit- D, and melatonin regulation.

I agree lots of water, compression shorts sounds cool too. Definately, do some type of walking around on the plane, and prior to boarding ask if there is a handicaped or a double seat opening anywhere on the plane that he can be seated in to give him more room.

Reading material is a must even if its a book on CD. Visual difference (in surroundings) will help with stress so bring 3-4 inspirational DVD’s like rocky, chariots of fire, fight club, and of coarse something with kung-fu and track so he can keep his brain busy analyzing biomechanics on the flight over:)

Have him abstain from dairy products a week before his flight because the dairy will cause excess mucus buildup in the mucous membranes. This may develop inner ear pressure at high altitudes which over a 15 hour flight would be agony. Comfort is the key. I also wouldn’t do a heavy workout the day before the flight because the stiffness for sitting long periods would be enhanced if after a hard workout. My 2 cents, hope it helps:)

Thanks for the input. Water, tights, and going to sleep an hour later each night before the flight were tactic I was going to use. Never had any experience with melatonin.

With Melatonin - how do prescribe it in regards to timing and at what dose for an 80kg male.


What are the possible contraindications of taking it?


in speed trap or something wasnt creatine suggested as well??

on another note…simulating the future sleeping patterns would be best…although its easier said than done!

Dibencozide may help.

Both Creatine abd Dibencozide (6 to 8mg) can help.

When would you take this prior to, during and/or (how long) after travel?

This is a nice question to catch up some elite sprinters and international coaches over here.

4 hrs before flight time, once during and upon arrival (at hotel) with tons of water.