Jeremy Bloom

Did anybody see the latest SI issue with it’s article on Jeremy Bloom? He plans to hop on a plane immediately after Torino and head straight to the Combine in Indy. His trainer, Doc Kreis, expects him to run in the 4.2’s and rep 225 nearly 20 times. What do you guys think of his chances?

There’s going to be some wicked jet lag (or jetlag?). Maybe 4.3.

Did anyone happen to see the 2003 Superstars Competition where he supposedly ran 9.41 FAT in the 100 yd dash?

The dude has wheels, there is no doubt about that.

I heard he was a kick returner in college and I think thats all he even has somewhat a shot of being in the NFL.

He was an awesome kick and punt returner for CU. I remember watching him and thinking 'holy crap, this guy is fast as hell!!" … Defenitley has speed. I think he could be a very good returner in the NFL if he ever chooses to take that path.

Isn’t he also the all time leader in return yards and return TD’s in the Big 10 (or whatever conference CU is in–) … Might be mistaken on that…

I think he only played two seasons so I’m not sure if he holds any Big 12 records. However, the article said that he had 5 TD’s of 75 yards or longer so there’s no question that he’s a big play guy. Doc Kreis said in the article that he “trained him like a football player who is also a hurdler, like Willie Gault.” I don’t really know what that means but I know that he does a bunch of plyos.

I saw that superstars competition where he ran the 9.4 100 YARD dash. I read or heard somewhere and saw it referred to as meters and we all know ain’t nobody come close to no 9.4 100m.

Anyway, I think he will get a very good look in the NFL combine as a kick returner. He is a great overall athlete and deserves a tryout.

"…don’t call my name out your window when I’m a leavin’, I won’t even turn my head. Don’t send your kinfolk to give me no talkin’, I’ll be gone like I said…

Who else was in that race, I remember hearing Ahman Green? How did the race look, a 9.4 100 yd. should translate to a 10.3 or so 100m, right?

he was a 10.7 FAT in highschool and ran nothing special at the NFL combine.

he ran in the 4.4s…maybe 4.49

4.49, nothing special conisdering the group he was in and the other guys at his position.

He had been training for skiing for quite some time and hadn’t done much, if any, running up to the combine.
Wasn’t he in the Olympics like a week or two prior to the combine?

He’s explosive.

as is 4.49 nothing special compared to the others in his group. no excuses. he does have speed and his cutting ability and agility are amazing. i dont think the 40 is a great indicator for his speed.

For those of you who are interested there is a 12 minute highlight tape of Bloom on the Philadelphia Eagles website. It showcases all of his touchdowns plus the Superstars Competition 100 yard dash.

Ive heard that Eddie McCaffery has been teaching him some tricks at WR. Mccaffery and bloom have 2 different body types though. Mccaffery is 6’5, and bloom is 5’9! But when I comes down when Bloom plays the Cowboys, hes gonna get shut down!