JC's Training Journal - Day 642

5 min iso lunge
5 min iso push up
5 min iso squat

What depth did you use on the iso squat?
Did you complete these in a single set of 5mins or did it take you multiple sets?

same as above … told u it was boring folks

James can you answer my qs?

Anserw his questions now.

Haha probably not the best way to get a response Mr Cool.

still has’nt anserwed, come on man this is the most exciting thing that has happened to this journal.

James, regarding the iso’s. Why the iso lunges for such a long time? Won’t slow twitch muscles dominate? You’ve always answered my questions via e-mail, and I appreciate it. I have started my son on Iso lunge positions and deadlift iso’s using as much weight as possible. We have seen an increase in height on the drop jumps, (lunge position) within 2 weeks. I’m just trying to figure out how you can increase the stimulus without increasing weight? We are under the consultation of Chris Korfist (DB Hammer disciple) and are experiencing some breakthroughs. Thanks in advance and its nice to see you posting again.

Ive also always had great results in my bench using Iso’s. 2 weeks ago, I added 15lbs! I increased the weight 5lbs each time I was able to do 3x3 with each rep held at top position for 5sec.

At the top position? Meaning your arms are locked out? I’m no expert but I was under the assumption that iso’s are meant to challenge your muscles at their weakest position. My youngest son can get the weight up about 5 or 6 inches off his chest but always fails to go any further…thus we are performing iso’s at that same position…challenging our weak spot.

Yes at the top. Its always worked for me, maybe it wouldnt matter.