Jayasinghe comeback?

Susanthika wants to consult President and return

Monday, 29 November 2010 00:00

By Daminda Wijesuriya

Olympic silver medalist in the 2000 Sydney Games and veteran sprinter Susanthika Jayasinghe is willing to make a come back to the international circuit after Sri Lanka’s performances in recent international competitions deteriorated.

Susanthika, retired from athletics two years ago and wants to announce the decision to come out of retirement in consultation with President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the new minister of sports Mahindananda Aluthgamage.

“It’s very disappointing to see that not a single medal was won at the Asian Games after sending a contingent of 101 athletes. Even the one (boxer Manju Wanniarachchi) who won a medal in the Commonwealth Games is charged for using banned drugs”

“I cannot just stay at home and see these things happening. It’s my duty and the responsibility to come out at this time and do what I can”, Susanthika told mirrorsports.

Her view is that even the ministers, who are given the job of uplifting sports in the country, are misled by certain officials.

The veteran athlete says that she had two years of a good rest to fulfill her final ambitions of building a good house and becoming a mother.

“I have nothing more to achieve in my life. I’ve got everything, thanks to my strong legs. What the up and coming athletes should learn is that they can do wonders if they have the will and a proper aim”, Susanthika said.

“I started off my life in a little house with a cadjan roof but today I’m leading a lovely life in a beautiful house and to me it’s a mansion”, said Susanthika.

Wouldn’t it be more productive (and beneficial in the long run) if she could use her experience to train the next generation athletes?

Wouldn’t her coach be the better option

Peter Fortune (C.Freeman’s coach) looked after Susanthike and another good SL female sprinter for a couple of seasons before anyone had heard of them on the world stage. Maybe Fort should be offered a job up there. It’s still an island but a lot warmer I bet than Tasmania where he is currently living :slight_smile:

Gets pretty hot down here, not in temperature but in politics. :wink:

Good place to start.

I am of the belief that not all good (for want of a better word) athletes can coach. It takes an eye and Peter Fortune certainly has an eye for coaching.

Well said.

Perhaps baritone singing may be a more productive option? Aussie tennis player Sam Stosur could join her! :cool: