Jason gardener video

Does anybody have a video of jason gardener…? Ithink he’s a great specialist(60m) and one of my favorite sprinter

or any other video of a sub 6.50?

your email??


Why you don’t use something like
so you can share the video with everybody here,instead of sending it to many emails?

cauz we found it more simple to send it by mail

So,if i give my mail will you send the video to me too? fulkrum AT em977ail.it (delete the world record)

i think the 60m WR from Ben is amazing…And also the European 60m record from frenchmal Ronald pognon. But also Gardener.

If someone wants to get these: email me.

Has anybody 60m races of Maurice Greene?

HEy! PJB I wrote you on atoboldon.com …if you have a gardener video…damn… you can send it to me! my mail adresse…again… jimmydee_33@hotmail.com


if you can send the vid thanks