Japanese vs American made shoes.

I have to do a paper for my consumer studies class that compares an American product and Foreign product. given I run track I chose to pick Sprinting spikes, (i have owned both) and would like to get some of your opinions and thoughts about japanese and american made spikes…


In this case your research paper would be titled: American spikes made in China or Mexico vs. Japanese spike made… probably in China too! Just kidding man. I’m bored.

lol this would be true…

Indonesia used be a big favourite too …

Comparing US and European might be good too - Nike vs adidias

Asics are a very interesting company.

this is 100%! what you got to look at is the designs…the u.s stuff is more gimic and flash rather than suiting the purpose

Well I had to narrow it down to 2 brands of shoes… I chose Asics and Nike just because I have owned both… but I think it would be a better view to talk about the design of the shoe… its also a business class so it has to do with all that business BS.

Tough topic. I think it’s very hard to come to any conclusions about this. You have to weigh many factors – price, durability, features, fit, style and personal preference (what works well for one sprinter’s feet might not for another).

Some cheap japanese models are not as good as some better US models, but dollar for dollar, I’d likely take a japanese brand over a US brand, based on my past experience. Asics and Mizuno rarely disappoint. I’ve had Nikes that I had to trash, though I have some Maxcats now that have been pretty good. I also had some luck with Adidas and even Puma, but those are German brand.