Jana Rawlinson remarries

EEEEEEK !!! Just for the record.

Jana Rawlinson re-marries ex-husband
Monday, April 12 2010, 08:15 BST

By Rebecca Davies

Rex Features
Jana Rawlinson has re-married her ex-husband a few months after divorcing.

The Australian Olympic hurdler, who split from Chris in 2008 but reunited with him in 2009, wore a red corseted gown at the church ceremony in Loughborough, England.

Rawlinson told Woman’s Day magazine: “It’s the most special day, this is my chance to tell the world how much I love Chris, to declare it in front of God. So much happened to us in just four years, we needed to start afresh.”

The couple also had their 3-year-old son Cornelis baptised after their ceremony.

Rawlinson caused controversy last year when she had her breast implants removed to give her a better chance of winning a gold medal in the next Olympic Games. She said: “I can always get my breasts enhanced again when I finish my career.”

Does Jana have her braces off yet?
From memory, they came off some time in 2005, but were mysteriously back on again during the Commonwealth Games a year later! :smiley: