Jana in sprint to to remarry

:eek:Olympics hurdler Jana Rawlinson remarries ex-husband

December 28, 2009 06:32am

OLYMPIC hurdler Jana Rawlinson is preparing to remarry her husband Chris, just as soon as their divorce is finalised.

The athletic couple, who have a son, Cornelis, 3, split in April with Rawlinson declaring the marriage was over and starting divorce proceedings, the Herald Sun reports.

However, last month it was revealed love had blossomed again for the pair.

Rawlinson has opened up to Woman’s Day, revealing that she begged Chris for a second chance after discovering he had started seeing another woman following the end of their marriage.

I knew instantly I was about to lose my husband forever, and I’d already worked out I didn’t want that,” Rawlinson has told the magazine.

I felt sick at the thought of him with anyone else.”

It took six weeks of begging a guarded Chris to give her another chance before he allowed her back into his life.

I was miserable without him, and our heartache hit me harder than losing at the Olympics or anything sport-related,” she said.

“It’s just the best feeling to be back to us.”

The reunited couple are so sure that their love will last this time that they are preparing to marry again, even though the divorce Rawlinson set in motion this year will only become final early next year.

Rawlinson and Chris, who has resumed his role as her coach, have relocated to the Gold Coast.

The couple first married a week after Rawlinson won a gold medal in the 400m hurdles at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

Fine as an athlete, cuckoo as a person. She will divorce him again.


There are more than 40 comments from Aussies about Jana Pittman (er, Rawlinson, er Pittman-Rawlinson, er Pittman, er whatever comes next…)

Yeah, right on! You’ve heard of an A type personality, well Jana has an AAA type personality! :smiley: Must be hell to live with someone like that!
On the other hand, Chris actually seems like quite a good bloke.