James Smith

I was quite impressed with how they dominated the line of scrimmage, particularly when only rushing the four down lineman and still getting pressure on Clausen. And that Lewis is great.

Lewis is great, but the other true freshman RB also looked good, he dialed up the “B” button twice!


Thanks for the comments. Much appreciated.

I have a lecture DVD outlining the training from Jan-March, and May through July on my website and I’m currently making another lecture DVD outlining the training during spring ball, training camp, and the game season.

Hey coach smith I saw your team play not too long ago. They looked very conditioned and strong! Nice work! What is your website?

Thanks very much. Website is www.powerdevelopmentinc.com

James you got Charlie Weis fired! :rolleyes:

I’ll tell you, ND is a great program, excellent alumni support/deep pockets, national recruiting pool, tons of existing talent on the team, and their fans are absolutely top notch. Who ever replaces Weis couldn’t ask for much more.

Making your play for the S&C position there, James? :wink:

So it’s looks like the Cinncinati S&C staff did a better job of preparing than the Pitt S&C staff did???

Uhh no, unfortunately the holder did not fulfill his duties.

Also Pitt had several technical and tactical errors that came back to bite them in the end. They had a few opportunities to put the game away but were not able to due to these errors.

Pitt was far superior upfront, ran all over Cincinnati, had the better defense, and in my opinion the better team (although I think the course of the game changes if it is played at a neutral site and in mild weather conditions)

From my view, there was nothing as far as physical preparation goes that directly caused this defeat.

Yeah, Cincinnati didn’t miss any extra points or anything either…

If anyone is from the area, they know Pitt gets way way better recruits than Cincinnati likely ever will. Pitt has done well for themselves getting numerous top recruits in recent years–can’t say the same for Cincinnati.

With that said, the reason Cincinnati won and has now gone undefeated is probably not because of their S&C, though it would be interesting to know what they do.

ollie, hope that was a joke.

did anyone notice how the “undersized” Lewis just kept getting carries and getting better as the game wore on? Impressive especially considering it is game twelve. That is quality physical preparation and a solid athlete.

I wish the outcome of a football game heavily depended on the ability of the strength coach. Then we’d get paid much more! :stuck_out_tongue:

Whether Pitt was 10-2 or 2-10, I’m sure the S&C did a great job.

As previous posters pointed out, there is quite a bit that goes into determining the outcome of an athletic contest.

The great Mike Barwis makes like 200k.

Obviously, there is some kind of inverse relationship in that situation! :confused:

Nice article on the program.


Still doing the long hills James?

Every Friday for the first 4 weeks of summer.