James Smith

This is for you James and should be crime.


What the hell…

Which school is that?

Not sure, i thought it was univ of maryland.

if you look at clip 39sec you will see terps on the wall.

on the youtube page says it is univ of maryland. he “broke” the all-time “power clean” record with that lift

Couldn’t he have just hang cleaned that with a countermovement? Would have been a lot more respectable and safe.

Why the need to precede it with the worst deadlift (or pull) form ever and extra unnecessary countermovements?

Thanks for making it even more difficult for me to ignore what happens in the American sport training arena Mort.

Similar to many of the abortions we all observed in the LSU training highlight.

Maybe I’ll put together some videos of my guys training in order to illustrate what proper mechanical positions look like because so many programs have been so kind as to illustrate how not to do it (albeit unintentionally and much to the athletes detriment).

School of no brains!

imagine rezazadeh doing that in the OG


I know that school pretty well ( Univ Maryland). My x GF got a full ride to that school as a sprinter in 1999. She ran a 11.8 in HS.

I use to go there all the time to see her. Her times never got any better than High School despite the HUGE facilities and millions of dollars that the school brought in from football and basketball.

The food she ate and most of the other athletes were, Pizza, Mcdonnalds and other fast food crap that was available in the dinging hall. My GF had a meal card so she never had to pay for all that crap she ate ( I ate some 2, hay she put it on the card). I guess the coach didn’t care to educate the team on proper eating habits.

Another aspect was the clubs and drinking and staying out all night on the weekends. In my opinion this is nation wide!!! All these athletes want to be bad boys and bad girls on the weekends. It all comes from the programing from T.V. Once again, I guess the coaching staff didn’t care to educate the athletes on living a healthy lifestyle.


Educating the athletes? It’s not the coach’s fault that the athletes eat pizza and beer most days of the week. That’s like telling a smoker that they shouldn’t smoke because it costs a lot of money and they may die. Some people just don’t care.

Gotta agree with Mortac here

I spend countless hours “educating” the athletes about proper diet choices. We even have an online diet guide available to them 24/7…
They don’t follow it, period. They like fast food, and they’re young and indestructable. It’s only after they grow older and return do they realize how important diet is…

Well, all I can go by is what I saw. Unless she went off campus to buy food there was no good wholesome food to eat on campus. Never saw a food guide produced from Univ Maryland for the track athletes. Saw a off season weight and track program thats about it.

Its the same at Utah State Univ, I use to see a girl over there, (Ive been there) her lil bro plays football for the team( 2008 ). Its the same drill over there, all fast food at Utah state (Pizza, hot wings, fries). Sports teams party, drink and smoke on the weekend.

Ha, parents send there kids far away thinking they can get there kids away from the city life, but what happens is people with like minds form clicks and just party together in a house or club. I know what goes on, the girls I dated tell me. Some of the story’s of what these football team members do to young girls would make a father of any one of those girls drive however long it takes to the college to administer a serious A$$ beating.

Anyhow, the best bet is to have your own apartment and shop for food off campus.

I remember I made a meal plan for the girl I was dating at Utah State and her little brother. Poor guy had class all day, and practice at least 3 times a day but only ONE or TWO meals a day!!!

UNC lifts in the morning a few times a week and practices in the afternoon.

how does USU prac 3x a day?

I’m not sure how all the programing went, and it might change over the season but all I know is that there day started at about 6am so they could practice, from there it was class, then another practice session then weights then study hall…

Thats 3 different periods of programing. If you got low grades you HAD to go to study hall after your hole day was over.

In the end, it was 6am to about 9-10pm of a combo of practice and school. You could end your day a little earlier if you got decent grades.


The bottom line is, they practice 20 hours a week. This includes the weight room, but not study halls.

If they go over this number of hours, they get crucified by the NCAA. And in case you’re skeptical about this enforcement, there are teams of people looking out for this. Many, many, many institutions self report these kinds of violations, so no one wants to get caught!

Congrats to James, Buddy Morris, and the entire PITT football team/coaching staff for beating USF tonight!! Big win!

They gave Buddy props for training the d-line because they looked so strong in the second half. They say Buddy is very hard on the guys. Nice birthday gift for Buddy.

Appreciate it. Huge win for us.