Jadeveon Clowney

In case you guys haven’t seen this:


That is one very large, very fast man.


Some of you coaches may call me crazy. This great athlete is getting identified as lazy, many of the great speed/power athletes I have been around has been called lazy also. Weather they are lazy or not, I think it’s the “lazy man” quality that saved him from the high volume/high intensity of most D1 strength and conditioning programs. If Mr. Clowney wasn’t this “lazy” man he probably would be injured, stiff/tightness, wouldn’t be getting triple ext out the blocks (very rare from a 270lbs lineman), rhabdomyolosis, and many of other health related issues.

Great Bo Jackson story - he said his college coaches tried to run them into the ground with distance etc, he told the coaches he’s not doing it unless they did it. Many of these coaches want to do these crazy workouts - only if they had to do them with the athletes.

First of all, Clowney is an absolute freak of nature!

Second, You are NOT crazy, you are spot on! That is exactly what happened to me in college. I strained just about every muscle in my legs and spent more time in the training room than on the field. I and was labeled a “Fragile Track Guy”, but all of the track(Explosive) guys were either perpetually hurt, or got slower and weaker throughout their careers. Although… my experience was that we had a fantastic Strength Coach, but a crazy head coach and assistant coaches that called the shots, and incompetent trainers who threw us back on the field when they knew we weren’t healthy bc they were scared of the coaches. By far the most frustrating thing of my entire college career was the complete brokenness of the relationship between the coaches, trainers, doctors and players.

Without exception all of the most explosive athletes I have ever known have been “Lazy”. The only athletes I have seen that are allowed to be somewhat lazy are massive D-Lineman who get substituted every 4-6 plays. Guys Like Clowney can’t and shouldn’t be expected to play every down of every series.

Another great example is Jim Brown. He said he wouldn’t do the pushups and some of the other conditioning during the week because he wanted to be fresh for the games, and whats even better… He would get up really slow and walk back to the huddle really slow after every play. I heard an interview about a defensive opponent talk about how demoralizing it was to play him because you would think he was hurt or maybe be too tired to go hard the next play because of how slow he got up, and then he come charging right at you and run you over!

Many of the greats, have coaches who allowed them to “get away” with a lot of stuff that us normal folks would never able to, but that was actually to their and the teams benefit.


Bring me a trash can - I need to vomit…

Is this what Craig Bohl has them doing now? That was brutal

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LOL @ the player’s comments at the end

Poor kids…

Guys I couldn’t agree with you more! I hear stories of overtraining all the time from my guys! My girls will text me and ask questions like “is it normal to get slower during offseason training” or “how much should I fight thru my joints hurting during training”?