Jacko Gill 20.38m with 16lb @ 16years old


On a more interesting note to sprint coaches - look how fast he is at 1:34 of this video: http://vimeo.com/30942307
The kid’s got some pretty good wheels. He looks to be an incredibly good overall athlete, but I wonder how much this young heavy weightlifting & huge training volumes will affect him later.

Taking advantage of windows of opportunity for speed development!!! Just shows how far we are from getting anywhere near our theoretical limits. This young kid is the real deal and really looks like he could be the Bolt of shot put. While watching the clip I had to keep reminding myself he was a 16yrs old. How can one not be excited by what this guy has the potential to do!!!

I too am excited to see what comes out of Gill, but I hope he doesn’t burn his body out with 2-3 training sessions a day. He has dropped out of school to train full time. 190+ KG bench and 300KG half squat are huge numbers for his age, let alone the distances he’s achieve with all varieties of shot weights.

It sounds a bit alarming that a 16 year old kid is dropping out of school to train full time. What is the rush to develop? Why not progress fully as a human being and not just as an athlete? How many times have we seen a promising young talent get the wheels worked off them when at a developmental age only to get burned out either physically or emotionally.

With talent like that, I bet he would still get good progress training like a semi-normal 16 year old and going to school. What do you all think of the dropout aspect?

Exactly that made the worst impression to me…