Any reviews on this stuff, my friend has been a 11.0-1 his whole college career; started to take this stuff weeks ago and since then has gone 10.5’s several times.

Sounds like I need to buy some.

Not bad for a small school white guy.

Hell of an improvement for sure.

It is used as a pre workout creatine. Great for energy!


I have used superpump, NO xplode and several others for pre workout (lifting). I would be careful of any supplement that gives you a pump while sprinting. Why would you want your legs to have a pump? Wouldn’t that cut down on the flexibility while running and increase the risk of an injury?

I read a rumour that the original batch of this was spiked with Amphetamines. I know they have since changed the labelling in the new batches.

I used 3 tubs from the original batch and thought it was the best supp I had ever tried (and I have tried a lot!). Have yet to use any of the subsequent new batches.

I get absolutely no pump from super pump. I only use it for hard days. I take 2 scoops and i get extreme amounts of energy and focus. I think the pump comes with repeated use. like taking it everyday. which i dont

how did it make u feel? did u take it everyday or just hard days?


lol well what do you suggest.

You love that stuff.

1 scoop of powerdrive
4 old school amp’s
CD: “slim thug tha boss”

yea try it out. they got samples on bb.com i think

where can the old school amps be found

Took it on hard days, just felt so much energy like I wanted just keep going and going. Like (when playing football) the rush you get at the opening kick off or in the fourth quarter when the game is on the line.

What are you a racist or something? There have been many gifted White sprinters. Christopher Lemaitre is a “white guy” and he’s probably the best young sprinter in the world…a legitimate threat to break the world record.

The first black to break the world record in the 100 did so in 1932 (for those that argue blacks were "disciminated against until the 60s) and yet through the 1940s and 50s the best sprinters were white. In the 60s you had a couple of blacks then Borzov in the 70s.
Allen Wells was the fastest man in the world in the early 80s and Pietro Mennea held the WR in the 200 until 96.

So, if you’re implying that whites are at a genetic disadvantage you’re wrong.

I doubt he is racist, and it seems pretty obvious that Caucasians are at a genetic disadvantage for sprinting.

Yes I am racist!!! Black power baby!!! Give me a break, my girlfriend is white… :slight_smile: