J-mee Samuels

anyone know what happened to his collage season and why he ran so poorly compared to his senior year of high school. or at junior nationals was the injury he pulled up with a reccuring problem. he was ahead of willie perry by a fair margin and pulled up lame similar to barbaro. USATF junior ntl’s 100m

also on a side note perry has come a long way from 4th best sprinter in north carolina his senior year in high school to being one of the rising stars of collage track. behind travis padgent, jerrek heweet, j-mee samuels in high school and only padgant has been comprable in collage and the only other one to improve on his high school pr’s.

so anyone with news on samuels.
only times i could find for his freshmen year of collage
6.82i, 6.80i, 6.71i
10.65, 10.63, 10.58
21.53, 21.60i
compared to 6.7, 10.08 and 20.32 in high school.

Samuels has been bothered by a recurring hamstring injury the whole year. I think he plans to sit out the rest of outdoors but as you can see from his start at Juniors he still has “it”. If he can rest up the summer and get back healthy in the fall then I expect him to be in the NCAA 100m final next year.

i can see him conteding for NCAA’s.

Sick start, looks like that race might have been sub 10 if he didn’t pull up. I don’t know how he runs his last 40m, but his first 60m was nice. Lets hope he heals quickly.

he runs his last 40 like a national record holder…when healthy. doubt sub 10. perry ran 10.2 or something i belive.

What were Perry’s times like in high school?

nvm I see he ran a 10.30–10.26 from that isn’t such an impressive jump. Padgett never broke 10.40 if I can recall and rarely went even into the 10.5’s or 10.6’s.

10.2h(10.44 converted) and 10.66fat 21.6fat into a 2.9mps headwind in the 200

samuels at 10.08 hewett at 10.40 and padgett at 10.46 were all more impressive in high school. imo. but perry has come along.

only state records looking the least bit soft here in north carolina are the 400(46.4), 800(1:51.4), 4x1(41.2) and 4x4(3:14). with the relays being the only ones that might be challanged in the foreseable future. After that they look like they’ll hold for a while state record list
48 a man isn’t impossible in the 4x4. just need someone to run a 44.5 split and your in the clear.

where’d he run a 10.3 outside of hs comp, ntl’s?

The vault and shot records seem to be relatively weak, along with the 4x100m (especially considering the # of good sprinters in NC). Too bad J-Mee didn’t run his 10.08 at the state meet (I think he false started or something?). If he had, that record would be safe for a good 50+ years I’d say, barring some sort of incredible advancement in track training/science/technology.

as per relays they never get 4 guys together like with the people from texas who are consitently under 41… something to do with the size of the schools. largest school in north carolina 2900. largest school in texas 5000+.

the throw and valut records are weak but no one throws or vaults here. j-mee false started in regionals. still smoked the 200 and finished second in the long jump at states had he been at states in the 100 and not pulled up with an injury or anythign they would of won the overall scores. suxs.

not state records but top marks: the girls long jump and boys triple jump top marks arn’t going down. 22-9 and 53-11.75.

edit: a guy vaulted 16’9 indoors.