Italian sprint training 2:stregth training reccomendations

Hope this thread will be as interesting as the first one…
There are different kinds of stregth to be developed .
Vittori reccomends using a 30 minutes of O-lifts before the main strength session, C&j and snatch and their derivatives.

I’ll sum up just the part regarding lower body training, however the upperbody is similarr, using 2 kinds of presses most of the time, plus all the auxilliary exercises ( compensative)

YOu use 2 exercise for the lower body, full squats and parallel squats.
You alternate them, with the same load to have a higher speed with the second exercise, for 3 reps and 8/10 ssets of each exercise, with 3 min rest.
EXPLOSIVE STRENGTH ( special exercise)
Parallel squat:;start on the low position, execut ethe rep, then some seconds of rest, and another one…loads:100-150% of BW
8-10 sets of 5 reps.
1/2 squat:same loading, but starting at 90 degrees.
the same 2 exercise should also be performed jumping, with 50-100% bw.
In some cases, to regain efficiency, you can use on the same session the squat + parallel squat from low position+ 90 degrees from low position, or paralle lsquat plus the 2 jumping squats.
HALF squats, in a multipower, 150 200%bw,very fast 3 to 5 reps, 8 to 10 sets
Half squats continuos with a jump, 50 -75%, same modalities of the 1st ex, 3 min rest
can be used alternatively, 1 set of each, or aftet the 1st, with just 4-5 sets.
HALF squats continuos with a bounces( go down , small bounce, up).5 reps, 8-10 sets 3min rest.100 150 %bw, heel off the ground.
Half squats, as above, but witha jump.50-100% bw, alternated with the fiirst, same se4ts and reps.
Scissor jumps 50-100% bw, 10 jumps, alternating legs
Hurdle hops:6-8 hrdles, 40 70 cm, legs as straight as possible…4-5 sets.
During breaks btwn the exercises most using strenght( the squats without jumps and bounces, use one exercise to stimulate a rapid firing of MU.(skips, small jumps,short sprints)
Also, use 2-3 sets of 40 /50 calf raises…
in a single periodization ypu can use more general means , whereas ina duoble more specific ones.
IN a annula macrocycle, 3 sessions of strength eachweek, for 14 -166 weeeks, 30-36 sets to have a “fixation” in the long run of strength qualities.
More to come , or better feel free to ask me…

Thanks Eros for the useful post.
Now i understand the origin of the work i usually see performing from italian athletes :slight_smile:

My thoughts will be about this “idiosyncrasy” of speed of motion when doing weights.I mean,parallel and full squat combined so to put a “fast” element; or at the same time calling special exercises of explosive strength with quite slow speed of motion (compared to running).

remember to add the upperbody!!

re-reading my post…I come to think that maybe the use of the special exercises can be more useful for other purposes other than sprint training( squat jumps, , fast 1/2 squats)…for example those…"vertical " programs, or other sports like bobsled, pre season for rugby, football…I understand that some athletes have had good results from this approach for sprinting…someone has its experiences to share?