Italian does it better..

the title of this 3d is obviously ironic.

today i’ve been with my university to Rieti, where the italian’s best sprinters train at.
now i don’t remember the name of all the athletes that there were, but for sure i remember collio.
i know pesonally one of them (a 400mt hurdler) and she’ll send me their names, specialty practiced and times.

unfortunately i’ve arrived late, so i’ve lost the warming up.

my colleagues told me that they attacched theyrself with an elastic cord and sprinted on an incline surface without moving. i don’t know nothing more…
this is simone collio doin’it

in the mornig they’ve done the strength training.

the wo was something like a big circuit, repeated 4 times.

ex 1, rest 2-3 min, ex 2, rest 2-3 min etc.
at the end of the 4 exercises they do 2-3 30-50 mt accelerations to “compensate” the work done (whatever it means)

the 1st exercise was a SJ with a special kind of multipower on a vibrational plate (please corrige me if the term is wrong)
they do 3-5 reps starting from the pins with the plate set to 50hz. the load was circa bw

the 2nd exercise was a kind of CMJ always performed with the multipower on the vibrational plate.
5 to 8 continuos reps. no load (only the weigth of the bar)

the 3rd exercise was a “continuous quarter squat” with no stop at the top or in the bottom of the movement. always circa the same load performed for 3 to 6 reps

the 4th exercise was a CMJ with a double rebound,always on the plate.

after that they go on the track to do some accelerations.

the wo ended at noon and at 3 p.m. they started the work on track.

after a little wu, with some jog,ligth accelerations, static stretch they commenced with some hyperspeed work.
3-4 accelerations with a medium pulling elastic that help a lot on the starting phase.

after they’ve done the RSA part.
2x4-6 30mt accelerations @95%, rest 2 min between the reps and 7 min between the sets
2x4-5 60 mt accelerations (same stuff)

3-400 mt run…always to “compensate”

something about the gym: it’s incredible to think that the best sprinters train there.
two 20 years old barbells, 2 multypower, a shitty bench, no dumbells …

collio was injuried, so i cannot appreciate his true quality.

now i have some problems with my connection, but i’ll put on the tube the vids i’ve done.

sorry but i’ve completely screwed up the 3d’s title

this is the gym

Thanks for the info. I’m not too crazy about that elastic cord drill though. Contact time seems to be awfully long, almost like the feet are glued to the board. Not very surprising: because of the angle of the board part of the force exerted by the cord is pulling the athlete into the ground.

here it is some videos.
others coming soon

Thanks for sharing this, certainly quite different. What is your involvement with the programme?

i have no involvment on the program at all

so how did you get the videos? :confused:

i’ve been there with my class. the coach teach us in the sport science university and took us to see 1 training day

some stats about the ppl in the vids.

Martina Giovannetti
(100 and 200) (21 yo)
pb 100mt 11.75, 200mt 24.04

the thin girl that perform as second this exercise

the first one is
[u]Marta Tomassetti /u (100hs)
Record 100hs 13.70; 60hs 8.44
pb in training
60m 6.9
100m 11.4
150m 17.5
200m 24. circa
300 39.2
squat on multypower: 100kg circa

the third one is
Marta Oliva
400m 56.39
400mhs 58.32
800m (indoor) 2.07.99
pb in training
60m 7.4
80m 9.7
100m 12.1
150m 18.3
200m 25.0
300m 39.2
best snatch 40kg, clean 50, squat @ smith 75kg