is this a good routine???

i’m trying to modify the Westside 4 skinny bastards routine so that it fits with my goals (to increase strength, and still allow the possiblity for sprtspecific training and speed power training… also i don’t care about mass, i’m not agaisnt it tho, i just don’t think it will do me much good, which kinda makes the rep upper day on WS4SB useless.

So neways heres what i’ve come up with, any input would be great.

Day one - Max effort upper (identical to the original WS4SB) then later in the day some speed training (sprints)

Day two- cardio- 4 x400 m sprints with 90 secs rest and 2 x100 m sprints

Day 3- full body explosive workout - power snatch - 4x4
depth jumps- 3x 10 (40-60cm)
bounding- 3x10
OH squat - 3x5
push press- 3x5

Day 4- cardio/speed endurance - 100m, 200m, 400, 800, 400, 400, 200, 100 (90seconds rest between each)

Day 5- max effort lower (same as Ws4SB)

day 6 off-

Day 7-indoor soccer

i dont think its a bad start. depending on if your emphasis is on speed development or strength, you might want to sprint before you lift. also what worked well for me with the WSBB and sprint combo was to add an oly lift before the max effort days.