Is there anyway to get Charlie's books....

from bookstores (in the UK)?

I have checked one or two but no luck so far.

I cannot purchase the e-books because I’m not allowed to. I know how stupid this sounds, especially to those who have downloaded them and have had no trouble but my parents won’t budge on this.

All help would be appreciated,


training for speed can be bought from australia i think.
Uk maybe ebay or something

Speed Trap is £48 on Amazon second hand. How about asking a friend to guy it for you and then giving them the money?

Is there anyway possible that I could get it from a bookstore like Ottakers or something? I’m trying to get it then hide it … so anything that gets delivered to my door is out of the question.

Wow. My parents used to do anything in their power to get me to read something! I don’t think you will be in luck with it. Get a friend to pay for the ebook and then download it to your pc.

Heh, same here except that anything they don’t consider “educational” or “important”, they refuse to let me read :frowning:

It’s dissapointing though…been reading alot of stuff on this forum since joining a couple months ago (never contributed because I am a begginner; decided it would be better to just read :wink: ) and I’ve been really impressed…is there any particular reason why Charlie dosen’t publish his books in soft/hardback?

Its called money. Its easier and more lucrative to publish through a website. No hassles with money up front etc… If you have ever run a business you will know what I mean!

Charlie’s books are out there, you just have to keep your eyes open and be patient.

As most members will agree, they aren’t exactly the easiest books to find. The ebooks are exact copies of the originals that were published more than 15 years ago.

Hope that helps


thanks for the info all.

I just checked Ebay out and Speed Trap is going for $90 bucks! Charlie had the chance to buy 8000 copies of this book a few years ago.

He also notes that somewhere in Toronto sit hundreds of copies…I’m still looking for them.

I’ll post them as I find them.

Good Luck, kid. I found my original print, hard copy (with the dust jacket), copy of Speed Trap on for $20 dollars (US). Sometimes, you just have to get lucky. No such luck here:

I have the version published in Australia by Adrian Faccioni (available from oztrack) but it is missing one diagram in particular - figure 6-7 (pg 98 chapter 6). Does anybody have a copy of the diagram?

Also, in the EMS chapter, reference is made to a ‘partial season graph’ figure 4-3 in chapter 4, but there is no figure marked as that in chapter 4. There is a table that lists the emphasis of each training phase, but I wouldn’t call this a ‘graph’ as such.

There are a few other shortcomings with the printing of this edition - some photos appear to have the wrong caption, or maybe the wrong photos are with the right caption, and one medball photo sequence looks bit suspect too.

Someone else mentioned a missing photo, and a missing EMS diagram, but I couldn’t see anything amiss anywhere else in the copy I have.

So anyway, I’d really appreciate any info regarding the missing figure 6-7 if anybody could help out.


Adrian Faccioni …, I’d be very careful doing business with that guy… that goes for the clowns at that “other” site also.

As for the missing graph you’ll need to contact him directly.


CF, as Faccioni has not paid any of the money he owes for years, we take no responsibility for his actions
(It appears he doesn’t either)

I can’t see why people can’t just buy the copies here on … and be grateful!

By the way - $90 for Speed Trap is cheap for the book it is.
IMO it is one of the top 5 books I have read. Period.

It was 2000 and I’m afraid they’re gone. I thought I had many more than I’d ever need but they went in a big hurry and it was too late to get more. I believe that a total of around 80,000 copies went out worldwide but most are being held onto.

I recently picked up a hardback copy of Speed Trap in a second hand bookstore for a fair price. The thing is it isn’t a book you really want to get rid of once you have it. Every time i read it i pick up something new.

Price also depends on which edition you want. The England and Canadian editions are bigger and higher quality printings than the US version, though the text is the same.

If anyone ever gets a chance to pick up a copy do so.
(I’d love to get my hard copy signed sometime)

I’ll keep searching. Publish your books Charlie! They WILL sell!

They are on sale as eBooks! Just go to the Store here:
All the hardback copies are out of print though!