Is Patrick Johnson a potential WR contender for 100m?

The story goes that half aboriginal, half Irish - Australian Patrick Johnson, born on a speedboat, raised by his father who jokingly raced him against grown adults for Orange Juice went to his first track meet at the AIS, borrowed some spikes which didnt fit properly and ran 10.47 (laser timed).

His current PB is 9.93 and his 200m PB is 20.49.

Do you guys think that he has the potential to run a world record?

with a 9.93PB, yes he has the potential but its fullfilling it that counts

Maybe the potential is(was) there, who can tell? But we will never see him rum WR - he is too old. Maybe a few sub 10s again after his injury.

But not more - he is enjoying his last years of his career. You simply do not run WR age 35 or older.

Linford Christie

Linford was young in training years and just casue it gets marked in the books a 9.87 isn’t the world record.


p.Johnson isnt a serious contender


Anyhow - Christies progression:

37 10.04 2 Oslo 1997
36 10.03
35 9.97 A 0.1 Johannesburg 1995
34 9.91 1.9 Victoria, B.C. 1994
33 9.87 0.3 Stuttgart 1993
32 9.96 0.5 Barcelona 1992
31 9.92 1.2 Tokyo 1991
30 10.02
29 10.10
28 9.97 1.1 Seoul 1988
27 10.03
26 10.04
— the infamous breakthrough —
25 10.42
24 could not qualify for the British Olympic Team
19 start sprint training

Johnsons Progression - he’s 33 now:
33 10.18 (so far - current season)
32 10.20
31 10.28
30 9.93
29 10.26
28 10.25
27 10.10
26 10.17
25 10.37

I would not compare them…

patrick ran 9.93 in Japan 2003 and was never anywhere near that performance. i hope everyone the best, but you need to be realistic. he hasnt imporoved since three years, and at his age, it just doesnt look like its the time when you go from 10.4X which he ran in nationals to sub 9.77! he has run 20.49 two nights after his 10.4 which shows at that level there is always more endurance than speed. he has run 10.15 in legal conditions this year. but sub 9.77 im not sure about that. i wish him and everyone else the best of luck though …

What injury?

Hamstring - that’s what spoiled his seasons 2004 ff.
It was in the news…

patrick ran 9.93 in Japan 2003 and was never anywhere near that performance.

Back then, and for very short period of time he was on his orange juice so, ‘naturally’ , he could run that fast! I have heard that he stopped drinking OJ and consequently slowed down to 10.3 range. :slight_smile: