Is HSI developing

any new sprinters? I have not heard much myself from that camp, i know there is a aussie 400m guy there. Are they working on developing new world best sprinters from that camp? There are probably tons, i just got me head in the sand?? :confused:

kelly willie is now there

From i thought Leonard Scott is training with them as well as the canadian champ pierre brown. John Smith will always have some top sprinters with him.

Here is a Q.
Can or HAS John smith develop a top level runner from nothing?? ie, a 14yr old then 8yrs later, he is top notch…

Remember getting a guy at age 23 is not easy since many times you got to fix a brotha’s stride when working with sorry coaches. Charlie got my boy Ben from age 14 but think about how much time he got to work with that guy. Can’t compare homey.

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Besides, we should be discussing the topic.

During the mid 80’s, John had a few athletes that certainly weren’t at the level of Everett, Marsh and Thomas when they came in. However, it probably helped Washington, Stanich and Young when the elites arrived. It was interesting to witness their improvement in workouts and competition.

danny everett
mike marsh
____ thomas. henry? anchor of HS 4x4 ntl record and #2 HS 400? who was just released from prison in 05? did he work under coach smith or am i off base?

i am just going off the TOS of most message boards, its ussally encouraged that members use classroom english. granted “standard” doesn’t exist but “widely accepted and approved” does. over useing venacular over the internet generally detracts from the crediblity of a post and its poster. FYI that guy got banned. he can take his roid talk to trackshark.

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Henry arrived at UCLA with Michael Marsh in '86. Stanich, Washington and Young were already there. Of course Kevin really developed during that time span (and even further through the early '90s with John). He actually ran the fastest split on the 2:59 team in '88. However, as Smith tells it, there were circumstances :wink:

Whether John has or wants to, he certainly can.

Well that good news, the more coaches that can develop all sorts of people from all sorts of areas, the better.
Its just from where i am here in Aust., I havnt heard much about him other than Maurice n Ato.
Athletics here must be about the 15th level down sport. Didnt see anthing about the Assfa runs or Gatlin or anything since the Comm Games were on. If your not running in a Major comp., you dont here about it. ie, worlds, olympics and Comm games.
Lucky this Site is up and running!
Keep it up Charlie.


Not to be too judgemental, but I gather you are a relative newcomer to the sport.

John Smith has been around a long time, firstly as an outstanding athlete himself (1970’s) and for the last 10 years, an accomplished coach and mentor.

From an Aussie perspective he ran at a few of the pro meets including Bendigo and Stawell in the late 70’s.

At the 1979 Stawell Gift meeting, John Smith ran 2nd in the 400m Backmarkers off scratch, beaten by Ross Canavan (22m) in 46.0secs.

In the Stawell 550m, Smith ran a track record of 1min 9.9secs, when he won his heat off scratch. He found the final a bit tough with the winner (Daryl Colenso) running 1min 7.6secs off 40m.

Smith and his mate Warren Edmondson are still revered by by long time supporters of the pro running circuit for their Stawell performances.

Edmondson was in Australia for the 2006 Stawell Gift meeting.

Not much of a newcommer. Stawell is shown up here for about 1/2hr of highlights. No other Pro running is shown, that i know off???
There are no Mags that i have seen in the newsagents for yrs now!!
I heard John Stevenson, the 400m winner of comm games is trainning with him for the last yr or so…
Up here in Qld, athletics has so little coverage its laughable.
All i know about him was his top guys, maurice and ato. And from what has been said on this tread. Perhaps he has a web site?

kool bro :smiley: