Is correct 1) and 2)?

1)Research has demonstrated that those starting at higher body fat levels during dieting lose less/no lean mass. Dr. Connelly postulated years ago that those with over 10% body fat can pay the “caloric expense” of building new muscle from their body fat deposits. This was revolutionary–at least in the popular bodybuilding literature. Thus, he said, you can both lose body fat AND build new muscle IF other (primarily nutritional) factors are in place.

  1. I always used a MRP that had high levels of casein protein in it. Research has demonstrated for years that casein has unique anti-catabolic properties. It preserves lean body mass by increasing total nitrogen retention better than whey–especially useful during dieting.
  1. I’m not going to touch this one. There was a big debate on this about month back called Importance of being in caloric excess/deficit

  2. False. Casein produces the most positive leucine balance, and more urea is formed with whey than casein, whichs demonstrates superior potential for promoting a positive protein balance as compared to whey, however it does not increase total nitrogen retention better than whey.