iquest performance

iquest performance

anyone heard of them? Any comments?

Canned SAQ program. Some athletes from my university went to one of their joints - came back overweight. The trainers at these joints are paid cheap wages and deliver speed-ladder laced programs.

Whoever is behind it though has some cash - because they are springing up everywhere. Velocity probably is better as far as the franchises go - but not much. Same shit, different bucket.

Those speed ladders are pretty cutting edge, though. They allow you to rapidly climb out of the session when it becomes necessary-before it begins!

That is what I thought. Thanks. The athletes at the Univ that I coach at are all hyped up about this place. I keep telling them that they will get stronger and faster training with me, but I guess the medballs and Olylifting stuff isn’t cutting edge enough. Oh well, the few who train with me will utterly crush those who don’t. It has been this way for many years now. Why don’t people learn?