Interview with Mike Hurst, Journalist and 400 meter Coach by

Fresh off the Press.

Definitely one to read!


Thanks Balance for posting Mike’s interview.
It gets the word out regarding " Lactic Acid Tolerance Training eBook " , how it’s now available on Amazon and how Mike’s extensive and generous contribution expands everyone’s general knowledge regarding elite training.
People are beginning to see if they google a training topic regarding sprinting matched with a great deal of specific / well used information ( with proven results ) appears.
I first met Mike in 1988 when Charlie was doing cross sectional massage with Darren Clark to break up the scar tissue from a nagging hamstring issue Darren had leading into the Olympics that year.
Mike has been to my home a few times and it was great to see him near his own home as well and meet his family in 2006 near Sydney Australia.
Another former member of the site ( Nanny69) set up our trip to Oz . It was a trip I will forever be grateful for and never forget. Nanny69 did an amazing job and we had the good fortune of meeting some of the other members of the site as well. When I think of Australia I think of it as a place where the people are extremely hospitable. has recently published a 4th product on Amazon called the " Structure of Training for Speed". Check it out in the store and see the photo of CF in the starting blocks at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Good post. Really like the look of that 400m program