Intergrating EMS into bodybuilding protocol

I am a bodybuilder of 18years and have recently joined CF and have been looking through the posts relating to EMS. I have enclosed a little about myself, my goals, and would like to know how to integrate use of Electro Muscle Stimulation into my training program. I am quite ignorant, so if I am asking things which are silly or so not make sense, please point it out.

My goals
Hypertrophy for bodybuilding
Improve my VO2max (
General improvements in strength (not 1RM but 3RepMax and greater), speed and power

Stats: 5’8" 275lb at aprox 12%BF

My training
Workout split
I currently use a 4day bodypart split. eg
Workout 1 (Chest, delts, tris )
Workout 2 Quad Ham Calves Glutes
Workout 3 Lats Traps Biceps
Workout 4 ( Lower back, Abs glutes, neck )
Then repeat. If I feel like taking a day off, or if I am particularly tired then I do.

Sets, reps, tempo
Usually 3 exercises are performed per bodypart, with 4-6sets per exercise and 8 to 12 reps per set.
Lifting tempo is an controlled explosive concentric phase, 1second pause at the top, then aprox 4 seconds on the eccentric phase and a brief pause at the bottom just to remove momentum.
Exercises are generally compound movements eg(squads, deadlifts, standing military press, dips, chins), and sometimes I do some isolation exercises to bring up lagging muscle groups.

Cardio: Each weights workout is usually with 30 to 90min of cardio (approx 50% of VO2max).

Other: I also swim, throw around a sandbag and do a bit of rolling with some mates too.

Training cycles
I am very unsophisticated and ignorant with training cycles, having tended to rely on progression based on maintaining a given weight, progressing load, until I can get 12reps.set-1 out, before incrementing the weight and dropping the reps back down to 8reps.set.

If possible I would like to improve progress using some training cycles / periodisation.

I have also recently bought myself a globus elite 4 EMS device following the posts of one of the experts ( gciriani ) here.

EMS Goals
I have 3 objectives here:
1 Increase capillarisation - increase VO2max ( and increased nutrient delivery
2 Increased nutrient delivery in the hours following a workout - ie scoffing whey, maltodex and caffeine using massage protocols for several hours.
3 Increased maximum stimulus - Increased muscle stimulus whilst reducing risk of CNS overtraining.

EMS experience
So far I have only used the capillarisation protocol (Globus program#1) for 3 repeat sessions ie 1hr total on 2 muscle groups, then alter the site for a further 1hr. I do not know if this is ok. I have been using this protocol about 1hr after my weights workout, and by that time I have a high intake of amino acids and carbs in my bloodstream too. I am hoping that this same protocol is increasing nutrient delivery to the skeletal muscles. Is this OK, or would I be better off using a massage protocol following workout and leave capillarisation protocols to a separate workout. Also, is 1hr on each muscle group too much at a time? I do not want to move my fibre properties away from fast twitch.

Any other advice or thoughts would be gratefully received.

Other recovery modalities deployed.
I also use Jacuzzi and vibration plate post workout ( each modality used twice a week ).

Thanks a lot,

Can you post reps and sets for the weights. We need more detail.

Can you post reps and sets for the weights.

Usually 3 exercises are performed per bodypart, with 4-6sets per exercise and 8 to 12 reps per set.
I sometimes use a rest pause modifier aiming for a weight where I can do 8reps then pause for 10seconds and crank out another rep, wait a further 10sec until I can get 12reps out. I also use dropset modifiers (a weight where I can get 8reps then drop the weight by a third, get a further 8reps, and then drop to 1/3 of the original load. The rest-pause and dropset modifiers are used for about 4-6weeks before returning back to the original program.

Is this enough detail. If there is anything else that would help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks very much for your time.

I am thinking of performing

Mass Stimulus eg( globus program 63 ) every 36hr following the weights session on that bodypart.
Massage stimulus for the 6hr post weights workout on the muscle groups trained, to increase nutrient delivery.
As for the capillarisation stimulus, I do not have a clue.

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Any thoughts,