Interested in a good 200M program

Trying to find a good program and need help. Really want to start training for the summer.
Im 19 in college at Western Kentucky currently unable to run NCAA rules.
PB is a 21.8 as of right now im am not in shape

Hey there,

Welcome to the forum. If you’re needing help, some more background on your previous training, strength levels, injury history, how long you’ve been training overall, current fitness level, what your training options are (do you have an indoor facility for winter training, etc.) would probably help the expert members of the forum point you in the right direction. Someone may know a coach in your area as well.


I’m 5’9 weighing 155.I’ve had 400M training from a previous college wasn’t successful in running there though. Because of very severe shinsplints had them for about 5 years. Been training for 6 years including summer track.Tried everything in the book to get rid of them but strong lower body squat about 355 or something around there bench is 255 power clean around 220, all are one rep max. No indoor track but a 400 meter outdoor. I have acess to weights and treadmills

how much speed work (0-60m@>95%) did your previous years of training include?

do you want to race, indoors, outdoors, or only next summer? how are your shin splints now?

Speed from last year was close to none mostly trained at longer distances. From high school we did block work every now and then though. Mostly concerned with outdoor and summer, as of right now i feel no shin pain