Intensity to reduce size

I know this topic has been brought up before, but right now Im having trouble finding it in the search function. I know mj has a similar issue with wanting to streamline a bit. I need to streamline myself as well and am looking into implementing longer training distances, possibly up to 400m(ugh). What looks right flies right. However, which element of my training program should this be implemented into? Tempo or speed endurance? Will using longer distances in tempo yield desired results or does it take higher intensiites to achieve this?



Can you give some details of yourself:
training experience. How often do you train? How long hav you been training for
event or events run

You can also give a sample of an average daily diet for yourself.

You can’t do too much speed work, so it would be best to use tempo with longer distances to help burn fat. If you are referring to reducing muscle mass ie. too much non functional hypertrophy from performing higher reps, you should not go above reps of 5. But provide some more details as oorwullie says.

I know this is Slowman thread but I will start

Age 29
Bodyfat- too much 18% probably

Mon - Recovery - Pool, Yoga or flexibility
Tue - Recovery or tempo; pm Speed Session
Wed - Weights - strength (nothing over 6 reps)
Thu - Recovery; pm track tempo
Fri - Weights
Sat - off (house work and renovations)
Sun - Track - speed

Diet - crap

Event - former hammer thrower trying to sprint.
Training experience - total 16 years, sprints 6 months

Well heres the lowdown,
Im 22,
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 190
Bf: ~9-11%
Ive competed in the long and triple jumps for the last 6 yrs. I went to a D1 school where my coach believed in a lot of volume and not a lot of quality work. The result…I never got much faster, though ,u jumping did improve some from technique(41-45.4"). Since usind CFTS over the last 8 weeks or so my standing 30 has dropped from a 4.45 to a 3.9. So far Ive done a 3 wk accumulation phase, 7 week max strngth phase and have just started my maintenance. Over the MxS phase my full squat went from 340-375. In college I only ran twice. A 26.8 and then a 25.5s 200m indoors. Ive been weight training for 8 yrs…most of which has involved bodybuilding methods. As a result Im a lil bulky, especially my legs. Also I was an obese child, weighing in at 220 at only 5’1" at 11yrs old.

As for my diet…Ill use yesterday as an example
Breakfast…1/2 c oatmeal with raisins and almonds(sometimes flax oil)
Lunch …chicken breast sandwich…though was fried
I usually eat a better lunch but Im remodeling a kitchen and this is what the client made
Dinner…fairly large bowl of salad with a can of tuna and abt a Tbs of dressing
Snacks…pbj sandwich on multigrain bread, some grapes, and an apple

As for my workouts I try to do speed on Monday and usually Thursday(thought the original plan was MWF)

Sundays I usually do a temp workout(1600m) 100s in 16.5-17
Monday 3 standing 30m, 3 flying 30 m, 2 60m Lift
(just started doing top speed work this past wk, before was all acceleration 20s and 30s)
Tuesday tempo or off depending on work
Wed usually temp or off- thought Id like it to be speed or speed e
Thurs Speed lft
Friday Tempo or off
Sat off

Right now my schedule is a lil sporadic…one of the jobs Im doing is 2hrs drive. But I hope to do speed MWF and Tempo Sun,T,Thu.
Once I start my next max strength phase I plan on adding plyos to my program and making sure Im in the gym 3Xwk