Intense Plyos Vid

Watch this flick in its entirety. How are these kids not dead yet?
How do they even prepare for stuff like this?
Take 10 mins to watch it. Also gives a good look how f** up russia looks and at the same time architectually beautiful.

oh Man! That Kid Has Skills!!!

his Poor Knees!!!\\

Whats up with the ending? I wonder what they are saying? and I wonder what hit the cement wall in slow motion?>

INSANE, that is just awesome!!

Come on quik to do this type of work you have to be able to squat 1.5 times your bodyweight and have to have gone through some seroius wobble board training. ha ha:)

what the guy does is called “parkour”, or free running. It started in France (where else :stuck_out_tongue: ) a few years ago. I had seen a documentary with the guy who apparently started the whole thing. But your video shows someone with strong gymnastics background, which makes the whole thing even more interesting! :slight_smile:

PS I just realised, it says “parkour” at the end of your link… :rolleyes:

I bet those two have read Supertraining. LOL. Proprioceptive training to the max.

…This is way better than Spiderman.

Sniffing glue from an early age?

Joking aside. This parkour-ing around shows just how meaningless any athletic endeavour becomes when not bound by rules of some sort.

i wish more american kids did this, there ould be less watching tv and sitting on the couch…

their eccentric strength must be unreal to abosorb the impacts…

I think I saw the same docu.
Very interesting and impressive.

[I also saw a Top Gear program where they raced the them through London (I think)]

I was thinking the same thing. I’d like to get a couple of those guys as triple jumpers.

Thats some jackie chan/ matrix shyt right there


Check it

I must learn the ways, while I am athletic I am not this discipline of athlete at the moment.

thats awsome, i know of a few guys that would love to do stuff like that.

Their muscular definition fits in with the theory of using maximal tension to build strength

Indeed it comes from France from the something like “street culture” where dance, music, urban environnement and police escape :wink: are all taken in acount to create this form of “art” - parkour.
In the first video, note that there are some fake shoots, i mean incredible jumps are made from video manipulation (splitting jumps in 2 point of views giving the impression of a very long jump). Also, sometimes you don’t see on which ground (soft mat) where he lands. However, i’ve seen some of these guys and they are doing incredible things. There is no real training program, just using their body to dance and jump everywhere since they are kids.

The EMCmonkeys have trained in gymnastics and stunt work. They emphasize that it takes a lot of training to even begin doing freerunning.
Here’s a site with more info on it, including emphasis on training:

I can’t believe some of them haven’t got a good background from elsewhere (e.g., gymnastics)! I think it was apparent at certain points in the last video posted… Nevertheless…
“Police escape”, mmm… Interesting! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if some of these kids parents know what they’re getting up to. LOL

its all fun and games till someone gets hurt…or in this case busts their head open…