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He speaks about Int Fasting in this video… I’m probably going to do some work him to get ready for my summer vacation…

I had been doing it on Sundays doing my workouts all season, also during meets. Might as well do it during the week

Charles not a major fan of int fasting… What’s your purpose?

you already said you dont eat breakfast. So how are you not a fan?

Int fasting isn’t anything new… Depends what you think not eating breakfast is. My diet varies depending on the time of year and my training schedule.

Early morning training:
1: Hot green tea or coffee, whey or bcaa, coconut oil or peanut butter cocktail
2: 30mins into training 1 apple - nothing for more aerobic base training…
3: Egg omelet with turkey, cheese, spinach, and blk beans etc

Evening training:
1: Egg omelet or green tea with coconut oil (non training days or tempo almost always green tea - coconut oil)
2: Protein and fats, until about 3hrs before training…

Intermittent Fasting Increases 24h Energy Expenditure, But Skipping Breakfast Linked to Reduced Metabolic Flexibility

Well mine varies depending on training also. But all im doing is not eating late into the evening, unless i train late, and eating later in the morning. Breakfast is just that, breaking a fast. now matter what time you eat, your first meal of the day is breakfast.

When I train early morning, ill stop eating earlier the day before and before I train 8am on sundays. I do a carb/bcaa mix. After training ill get my food in. the less food on my stomach the better I feel.

Also if you train early morning it’s important to have a nice amount of carbs for dinner. Most people would probably do the opposite but carbs at dinner is very important for AM training.

Sweet potatoes
Chick or beef
spinach salad

Before bed
2 scoops whey +peanut butter

Often on saturdays I go out to eat, so I generally eat early like 1-3pm. It will be a large meal and my last meal of the day.

We can discuss fasting as I have been doing it for several months now.

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Sorry Ange I was not advertising another site, but posting info on a scientific study that I thought members on this forum topic may find interesting. I enjoy the science behind the data, and find a lot of times “bro” science may not be as useful. IF has many different applications, and so called experts are abundant, but they lack the evidence to back what they sell. And, for the record I’m not calling anyone out here so please do not take my comments that way.

I understand what you are saying.