What is the minimum amount of (simple) carbohydrate required to ellict a maximum insulin response?

1g/kg BW??

How long is the time between ingestion and peak insulin concentration?

From my bodybuilding days 0.5-0.6grams per lb of bodyweight is the best option, i used post-workout dextrose combined with whey 100grams Dextrose and 45grams Whey protein.

For the max insulin responce then less protein would be desirable, maybe 25-30g

At the moment im cutting, so post workout is harder and planning training is really difficult due to low energy levels.

Is it linear or optimal?

Clemson: I suspect that it is non linear - you may get an 80% response from a 50% of ‘optimal’ dose. We really need a dose/response graph - i’ll get to the library next week!

Ron: 0.6g/pound ~ 1g/kg (BW)