Injury reaction

During a carrer in sport, at least once, we had an injury. No one wants it but it’s the game, wanted or not. So when you had one bad injury or a light one, How did you react(physically and psychologically)?
Did you find the causes of your injury?

I write you my new example. Today I did my WU, then some skips and 3 easy 30m, then I started running faster. I only did 1 30m (3.89s without last 3m) and I had a problem with my left hamstring… Now I got recover me and have a better plain on my training. Waiting for someone who wants to share some experiences.

On numerous occasions, like every sprinter, I have injured my hamstring. The comeback from a hamstring injury is horrible, and I dont wish it on anyone.

Psychologically, you have to accept that the leg is going to hurt, especially after each session. You have to be prepared to be disciplined in your approach, apply ice as and when needed, do small, piddling little exercises to get the muscle strong again, and find the right balance between not doing too much and not doing too little.

Come race time on the comeback from injury, you have to have full confidence in the leg, which again can be difficult, but any negative thoughts have to be put out of your head.

Interesting topic - I would like to hear how other people deal with different injuries too!

I completely agree with you speedfreak, same sensations, same things.
Yes there is also a moment when you gotta think about what you did before your “injury”, looking for causes.

Often though, you can find the positives from an injury. More often than not, when I have found the reason I am injured, I tend not to get injured in that place again, as I have found out how to overcome it, be it biomechanical, strength, or tightness issues.

I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my lumbar spine in january 2008. I rushed my recovery and it relapsed in May 08 then managed to start training in September after a few months it has now occured in the other side and im out again for a few months. Pyschologically it destroyed me. I was depressed and it affected all other areas of my life massively. Just wondering how other people deal with injury and if anyone has ideas on how to cope with it less destructively.

injury sucks…
I try not to get hem, but last week i got 2!!
I expected it too happen. Times were getting lower too fast in training. I did take rest, as learned from previous experience, but still it happened.
After lots of injuries; hamsting tears en achilles problems, it seems the injuries are becoming milder in nature. some cramps feeling instead of a ‘pop’ in the muscle. I think its part of the game, but with some carefull planning and therapy you can do allot of damage control or at least adjust training when you ‘feel’ it’s coming…so if the injury comes it takes less time to come back.
e.g 10 days instead of 6 weeks.

So injuries have made me learn more about my body and hopefully i learn in enough to take the adjustment needed in trainning and therapy before i am too old to run.