Injury poll

What is the injury rate of athletes?

Good question!

This is a very tough sport for the body, I wouldn’t believe anyone who trains seriously won’t pick up an injury somewhere along the path in a whole year. At least a stupid little pull, strain, inflammation, periostitis bothering a bit. Or even something dumb like a bump or bruise from hurdles mobility or vertical box and hurdles jumps. If someone has really managed to evade all that for an entire year :confused: then they’re in the wrong business, they should be among the likes of Houdini and Copperfield. :smiley:

As for the normal people like the rest of us, maybe the injuries are even good, if you pay attention. They always generate because something is wrong in terms of mechanics, strength or flexibility and finding the solution and applying it will teach you more about a body part, a routine or whatever, you’ll come out wiser and better physically each time if you have the will.